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Minecraft is known to have different kinds of game modes wherein players can either choose to freely roam the world in creative mode or face a harsh way of living in survival mode. But it does not just stop there, for, in Minecraft, there is a harder difficulty setting called hardcore. In hardcore game mode, players need to survive and reach the end game while having only one life.

10 Things You Should Never Do in Minecraft

This makes surviving more difficult than it is supposed to be, and players will be more cautious when doing certain things in the game. Thus, we have compiled a list of the ten things you should never do in the game to help prevent unfortunate things from happening.

10 Things You Should Not Do in Minecraft

1. Avoid Eating Raw Food

If eating raw food such as sushi in real life is delicious, the same cannot be said for raw food in Minecraft. The game has a certain status effect called the hunger effect. Instead of sating your hunger, this effect will only increase it, making you unable to heal a certain amount of health points. The hunger effect, also known as food poisoning, will be inflicted on a player who consumes raw food items in the game.

Luckily, this effect will only trigger a certain success rate for every raw food item that you consume. So instead of eating raw chicken meat next time, try cooking them first to prevent food poisoning. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

2. Do Not Dig Straight Down

With the recent Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update, the world beneath the surface became a lot bigger. This allowed more biomes and areas to explore inside caves and caverns. But that was not the only thing they included. The update meant that the world height was also increased and that caves were a lot bigger, and the ceilings were a lot higher.

Hence there is a possibility that when digging down, the next block you dig up will reveal a pit of nothingness below. So you must always be careful when digging or mining, as one wrong step could be your end. Therefore, instead of digging straight down, try digging using the staircase method to prevent any untimely death.

3. Do Not Throw Valuable Items in the Lava

We all know that lava is a dangerous element in whatever world you live in, whether inside the game or real life. But lava is not merely used in those aspects. In Minecraft, lava can be placed in buckets and used in different things, such as smelting. Some players use lava as a trash bin where they throw their items in to permanently eliminate any excess or unnecessary baggage.

However, note that once an item has been thrown into lava, there will be no other way to get those items back as the dropped item will burn in lava. So unless you do not want those items anymore, make sure not to throw them in a pool of lava, precious items.

4. Do Not Use a Bed in the Nether

The bed in Minecraft does not simply exist to help hasten night into day, but it also acts as a spawn point for players who use it. However, most players don’t know that the bed is also a bomb. The bed’s explosion is triggered only when used in a different dimension. This is because spawn-related items such as respawn anchors and beds are “dimension-locked.”

They can only be used inside their specific dimensions. Therefore, using a bed inside the Nether or the End will automatically trigger an explosion. The same can be said for respawn anchors when used in the Overworld or the End. And since spawn-related items have a stronger and wider explosion radius than TNT, wrongly using them might cost you your life.

5. Do not Swim too Deep

Just like in real life, Minecraft players need air to survive underwater. When a player submerges their head in water, they will have a few seconds to stay in the water without breathing. However, once the timer’s up, the player will start taking damage, and their health bar will continue to drain unless they return to the surface to reset the timer. Luckily, there are ways to increase the breathing time underwater, such as enchantments and potions. But unless you have prepared yourself for a deep dive, it is better not to swim too deep that you cannot reach the surface in time.

6. Do not Eat Rotten Flesh

Most players already know rotten flesh since zombies commonly drop it when they die. But for those of you who do not know, rotten flesh is a food item that the player can consume to restore health. However, the big catch is that rotten flesh tends to backfire rather than help the player regenerate health.

Like eating raw food items in the game, rotten flesh has an 80% chance of inflicting the hunger status or “food poisoning” to the player who consumes it. This status causes the player to lose more health points rather than heal them. Therefore, rather than risk yourself getting inflicted with food poisoning, try giving them to your tamed wolves instead since wolves love to eat rotten flesh.

7. Do not Forget to Bring Food During Traveling

Food is essential to a player since it keeps their health bar full and their hunger bar up. Excessive actions such as sprinting and mining can cause their hunger bar to deplete slowly. Taking damage from mobs and other sources will also not only affect their health but will also drain their hunger points.

So it is important to bring food with you at all times, especially when you are journeying to a place far from your base. Take note that when a player is hungry, they can not sprint. And for players in Minecraft hardcore, starvation can kill. So it is better to be safe and bring at least one set of food items in your inventory at all times.

8. Do not Attack a Wolf

Wolves are friendly and loyal, especially when they are tamed. However, Minecraft wolves are considered neutral mobs and not passive mobs for a reason. When a player attacks an untamed wolf, the wolf—along with any nearby wolves in the area—will immediately turn hostile towards the player and retaliate. And since a wolf’s attack deals a ton of damage, you would not want to get on one’s bad side, let alone have a number of them attacking you. However, once a wolf is tamed, the wolf becomes completely loyal and will never attack the player regardless if they get hurt in the process.

9. Do not Dig Sand or Gravel Straight Up

Sand and gravel are hazardous blocks to play around with, especially when you see them inside caves or caverns. Sand and gravel are blocks affected by gravity. When a block is mined, any sand or gravel block above the mined block will fall until it reaches the next solid block. And when a falling block falls on the player, they will take damage. However, this is not the worst part about falling blocks. Falling sand or gravel blocks can suffocate a player upon taking damage. Suffocation is the same as when a player loses air underwater. The player will begin taking damage until their health bar runs out and dies.

10. Do not Forget to Keep Your Base Well Lit

Players are already quite familiar with what spawns during nighttime. The same game mechanic also applies to dark areas with at least a two-block-height space. Zombies, skeletons, creepers, and spiders can spawn inside your base when you don’t place light sources inside. When the light level of an area reaches a certain low number, this opens up opportunities for hostile mobs to spawn there. And since your base is an enclosed area where sunlight cannot reach, it is very important to place torches and lanterns in and around your base to prevent hostile mobs from spawning inside. After all, nobody wants to see a creeper inside their base.

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