10 Tips for Hogwarts Mystery [Beginners Guide]


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10 Tips for Hogwarts Mystery [Beginners Guide]

Wizard Way

This guide is based on Wizard Way’s video. It goes over the best 10 tips for Hogwarts Mystery.

1. Watch your Data Usage

It says on the opening screen that this game takes a fair amount of data to play. It is suggested to have a Wi-fi connection if you intend on committing a lot of time to this game.

2. Make you “Unbreakable Vows”

There are two choices you have to make in this game and they are two things that you cannot change later on. These two things are choosing your character’s gender and their Hogwarts House.

You can make your character look any way you want through appearances. But the gender stays the same for the entire game so you have to be sure when you choose it.

Same goes for your Hogwarts House because there is only one sorting ceremony. So be sure you’re okay with whatever House you pick.

You could even go onto Pottermore and take the official sorting hat quiz to determine your house for you if you’d like. It’s an effective way to get a solid result.

3. Know your goals about XP

Doing any task in the game will award you XP. When you level up you get different rewards like coins or gems which help your progress further into the game.

Your XP also represents your story progression so it’s important when increasing your stats.

4. Pay attention to your House Points

In Hogwarts Mystery, the house cup is a legit thing. You actually compete with the other houses to gain points in order to win the House Cup at the end of each term.

You want to pay attention to the icon that shows you where your house points are. And you do want to keep it in mind when interacting with various characters in the game.

If you want to win the House Cup, don’t antagonize your professors, especially Snape. He has a knack of taking away a lot of points easily so you wanna tread lightly.

If you want a lot of points you want to do your classes. Each time you finish classes you get more points, so be sure to finish them.

5. Pay attention to personal stats.

There are three personal stats in the game, Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge. You do gain these various stats by completing classes in different subjects.

Take a look at each subject and specialize in one of those stats. Or you can be a jack of all trades and level up each stat equally.

6. Optimize your choices

Take as many classes as you can, even if you don’t need them. Some classes you have to take in order to move the plot along, but you can always take more.

Taking classes gives you house points and raises your stats. And it’s really good to have your stats high for specific choices you may have later with other characters.

It all depends on whats important to you in the gameplay. Whether it’s winning the house cup or doing more interactions with characters.

7. Manage your Time and Energy

Every single task in this game takes energy and like most other mobile games it’s in short supply. Everything you do drains your energy and when it’s gone you have to wait for it to recharge.

You can buy energy with real money and gems but you would end up spending a bit of money on the game. However, it’s by no means necessary depending on how you want to play.

If you manage your time with your energy it fixes some of the problems. If you plan out what classes you need to do based on your current energy.

Classes have time-based choices from 1 hour, 3 hours, and 8 hours. If you start with a full energy counter it’s easy to start a 1-hour class and have no issue.

But each class takes different amounts of energy and it costs more as each time goes up. So you want to know your time frame and energy before making any choices on a class time frame.

8. Time your Level-Ups

When you level up in the game your energy refills all the way. Especially when you’re at the beginning and leveling a lot it helps you get a lot of classes easy.

When you reach level up, pay attention to your energy bar. If you have a full energy bar and you only use a bit out of it to complete a class you’re missing out on a lot of extra energy if you level up then.

Drain as much benefit from your energy as you can then level up for the refill. It’s a good way to utilize time and get some extra effectiveness from your energy.

9. Set alarms or Enable Notifications

If you’re starting a task you know is gonna take a few hours figuring out how much time it’ll be before you head back. If you do take to long on a class you will have to start over and it can get annoying.

So in order to avoid that you can turn on notifications or set an alarm to know when to go back and check. So always be sure to do this to avoid having to restart classes.

10. Explore your Surroundings

This is a way you can get free energy in the game. There are tons of details in the area of the game and by exploring them you can get free energy from it.

There are portraits you can tap, there’s a twig on the ground that gives you a point of energy. And even in the dungeons, there’s a house elf that gives energy as well.

These little tasks replenish in about 6 hours so you can keep coming back to them as the recharge. The energy amounts are small but a little goes a long way.


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