Complete Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to the Nintendo Switch



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Sora may be the final hero that came to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it won’t be the last of him on the Nintendo Switch console.

Complete Kingdom Hearts Series Coming to the Nintendo Switch

As officially announced by the Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, the full Kingdom Hearts experience will be coming to the Switch via cloud on February 10. What’s more, players can actually get access to playable demos of Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5, 2.8, and III. Here’s the  post:

There’s also a new trailer breaking down every single Kingdom Hearts entry that will be available via the cloud:

Each Kingdom Hearts collection can be purchased separately, or you can dish out for the full collection in one package called the Integrum Masterpiece.

The release of KH on the Switch actually coincides with the game’s upcoming 20th anniversary which is going to be one huge event from Square Enix. The event is said to start with a mini-concert, than chats with members of the development team. We should also expect some kind of announcement for the future of KH, seeing as it’s one of the biggest franchises from Square—not to mention it’s connection to one of the largest franchise owners—Disney. Who knows, maybe we can have Sora fighting alongside Iron Man and Luke Skywalker down the line?

The full Kingdom Hearts experience comes to the Nintendo Switch on Feb. 10. The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary will be held in Tokyo on April 10.

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