5 Best CS:GO Aim Training Maps


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The training aim in CSGO is as simple as downloading a few maps from the Community Workshop.

5 Best CS:GO Aim Training Maps

This year, CSGO will celebrate its 10th birthday, making it one of the most enduring online competitive games in history. The King of all PC FPS games remains one of the most popular games in the Steam Charts, which is a mindblowing feat that not many games can claim for themselves.

As a pre-celebration, we have come up with some of the most popular Aim Training Maps that many pros and non-pros have used for years to train their aim.

These aim training maps will come in handy once Valve finally releases the 10-Year Service Medal, which you will back up with some sick aim. Right?

1. Recoil Master

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Recoil Master is a popular map from the legendary custom aim training master uLLeticaL.

In this custom map, players have access to every gun in-game and various other settings to make practicing certain techniques much easier.

However, as the name suggests, Recoil Master was built with recoil control in mind. As such, the map automatically adjusts for recoil patterns depending on the currently equipped weapon, which can then be practiced off of the main wall.

Players have a variety of training options that can be accessed from the Main Wall. Players can control certain training elements such as Bullet Time, Infinite Ammo, and Multi-Target and customize the training environment for a particular skill they are trying to learn.

Overall, Recoil Control is a great map to help players hone their Recoil Control in CSGO.

2. Training_Aim_CSGO_2

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Training Aim CSGO is a very underrated map for training flicks in CSGO.

This map offers various targeting options and training modes such as the Classic (Fast Aiming) mode, Angles and Sliding mode, Reflex Training mode, and many more.

The primary target in this training map is a small red plate that disappears when fired upon. The frequency, number, position, and spawn speed of the red place are dictated by whichever mode is currently active.

If you want a simple but effective aim training routine, then simply hitting “Start” after spawning in the map is a good enough warmup routine that can help you lock in your hand-to-eye coordination.

3. Fast Aim/Reflex Training

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Our next training map is a great custom map for training your target tracking, precision, and reaction time.

Fast Aim/Reflex Training spawns T-side characters from random locations on the map. T-side characters strafe their way towards the middle of the map where the player is standing, and the player has to eliminate the T-side players as fast as possible before they reach the middle of the map where they can inflict knife damage to the player.

This is a great map with great practical use in actual games in CSGO. Strafing is the most common movement type in CSGO, which makes this map a great tool for getting used to the sideways movement in CSGO. Most of the time, players in-game will be strafing out of corners to peek.

4. Training: Bot Aim – Textured

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Training Bot Aim – Textured is yet another aim training map to help players practice their crosshair placement, peeking, and target tracking.

Unlike the previous aim training maps featured in this article, however, the Bots in this training map can and will shoot back at the player, which forces the player to develop quick reaction times to kill the bots before they deal enough damage.

The map is big and tall, so players can stand as far back as possible to train their aim from different distances.

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Various other training options are also present in-game such as bot configuration, weapon choices, an Infinite Ammo toggle, Armor toggles, and Spawnable Walls for peeking training, among other things.

5. Aim Botz – Training Map

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You did not think we were going to forget about the most popular CSGO training map of all time, did you?

Last but not least on this list is the training map that has trained hundreds of CSGO pro-players throughout the years, Aim Botz.

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Aim Botz is yet another map from the legendary uLLeticaL. Aim Botz is a wide 360-degree world with stationary Botz as the default targets.

Players can change the behavior of the Botz in just about any way they wish. The training map also features many other custom training options that the player can configure to their heart’s desire.

Aim Botz can not get any more recognition than it already has at this point. This training map is the choice for many CSGO pros and casual players alike.

Train to Win

CSGO Aim Training maps are plentiful in the Steam Community Workshop. Maps that help train other aspects of the game, such as map-specific smoke training, surfing, b-hopping, and many others, are just some of the thousands of custom training maps available for download from the Steam Workshop.

However, these are some of the most useful Aim Training specific maps that players old and new can use to hone and master their aim in CSGO.

What are you waiting for? Download these maps and go for a spin! Who knows, you just might be clicking heads like ScreaM in no time.

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