5 Resources To Farm On Your First Day in Minecraft


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For newcomers and beginners in Minecraft, the first day can be quite confusing and daunting since the game does not offer a clear-cut guide as to what you should do first. This leaves newbies clueless and left with no other option but to explore independently.

5 Resources To Farm On Your First Day in Minecraft

For the most part, and since the game is fairly old, most players already know what to do and have figured out a well-structured path as to what they should do first. And to start off in a newly generated world, players should farm for resources as much as they can before nightfall. With that said, these are the top 5 resources you should farm for as much as possible on your first day in Minecraft.

1. Wood

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One of the most important blocks in Minecraft, Wood is a player’s first stepping stone on the path toward surviving the harsh environment they face. Wood is a block with the log’s “bark” texture on all six sides. It comes in 9 types: oak, spruce, birch, jungle, acacia, dark oak, mangrove, crimson, and warped. Stripped wood or stripped hyphae is a variant obtained when any axe is used on wood or hyphae, respectively.

Wood is a metadata variant of the usual log block, likely implemented unintentionally, as these values were never initially intended to be used. One of the most important blocks in Minecraft, Wood is a player’s first stepping stone on the path toward surviving the harsh environment they face. Hold the left mouse click button on a wood log block until it breaks and drops.

The log can then be converted into wooden planks, enabling players to craft the crafting table and make their first set of wooden tools and weapons. Since users will spawn bare-handed, the only way to get wood from trees is by punching them. Wood is one of the first resources players must get to progress in Minecraft. Without it, they simply cannot create better tools or defend themselves against various dangers. 

2. Stone

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 Stone is one of the most common materials in any Minecraft world, but when you mine it, all you will get is cobblestone. To get stone, take that cobblestone and smelt it. You will get one stone for every piece of cobblestone you smelt. Once you have your Furnace and stone, you are ready to make smooth stone.

These can be mined and crafted into stone tools and weapons that will be more durable and powerful. Furthermore, players can also use stones to craft furnaces and other useful blocks. Though wooden tools and weapons are necessary for new Minecraft players, the next important resource to obtain is stone blocks, which are gray-colored blocks that generate right underneath dirt blocks.

There are several types of stone blocks, but the regular stone will be completely gray in color. Stone, also called Smooth stone or Rock, is one of Minecraft’s most common blocks. It occurs below dirt in most worlds and may appear on the surface as Basins or on the sides of mountains in the Extreme Hills Biome. Stone is gray and is the base for all the ore textures aside from nether quartz ore, which has a base of netherrack.

When mined (unless with Silk Touch), it drops cobblestone. Otherwise, it can be obtained if Cobblestone is smelted in a furnace. Stone can be crafted from a crafting table into stone brick. Be careful, as silverfish may be hiding inside.

3. Food

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Minecraft is a very popular cross-platform video game. It is a survival sandbox game. Food is very crucial for survival here else you can die out of starvation. There are several game modes, right from easy to hardcore, and each game mode demands a different energy level. 

There are lots of types of food. The first food you will find is most likely apples, which will drop when you are cutting down trees for wood. Then you will want to grow wheat and make bread. Since you will probably want a chicken farm for experience and feathers, chicken might be the main thing you eat in Minecraft. The best easily-obtained foods are Steak and Cooked Porkchop.

If you are a vegetarian, Baked Potato is your best bet. This might seem like a cruel act to many, especially vegetarians. However, at the beginning of the game, there is no quicker method to obtain quality food items. Once players have settled in, they can create wheat, potatoes, carrots, and even a beetroot farm.

Players will need to find different farm animals and kill them for their raw meat, which can be cooked in a furnace. After progressing through the early stages of the game, Minecrafters will notice that their hunger bar will start depleting. This indicates that they will soon need food, which is one of the most important resources throughout the entire course of the game. 

4. Coal

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Coal is a mineral item mainly obtained from coal ore. It is primarily used for crafting torches and campfires, as well as fuel. Coal in Minecraft is an important resource that is mainly used as a fuel in many of the machines to smelt metals and even cook food. Here is all you need to know about it.

Minecraft has various blocks that make up the world, and they are diverse in nature. In this article, we check out Coal in Minecraft, a commonly found mineral used to make various things. Minerals in Minecraft are an important aspect of the game because of their uses and importance. Many ores can be found underground, which are used to make various items ranging from weapons to simple tools.

Down below, we take a look at the ore, Coal in Minecraft, and its features. Minecrafters will need a stone pickaxe to successfully mine them out. When obtained, coal can be placed in the furnace to start a fire inside the block and smelt anything.

When players start using the furnace, they will notice that fuel is needed to cook and smelt items. Hence, they must first find coal, which is the most common and primary fuel source coal. can be found as an ore at any Y level in the Overworld. They will look like stone blocks with black marks on them.

5. Iron

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In Minecraft, iron is extremely versatile. It makes excellent mid-game tools, armor, and many other valuable things like compasses, buckets, anvils, and minecarts. It even uses more advanced Redstone circuitry, and you can always build iron golems to defend your base.

Iron is the final resource that players must try to obtain on their first day in Minecraft, as it is one of the most used resources in the game. It not only crafts better gear than its stone counterparts but is also used to craft new valuable blocks.

These are also found in the form of ores, most commonly generated high in the mountains and hills. Iron is a material found in the overworld. It spawns naturally in iron ore, which drops raw iron, then the raw iron can be smelted into iron ingots. The iron ingots can be crafted into blocks, items, tools, and armor. ron is a relatively uncommon block that is commonly found buried underground. Mine iron with a stone pickaxe (or better) to yield Iron Ore as usable raw material.

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