5 Tips Every Beginner in Minecraft Should Know in 2023



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It’s no secret to anyone that Minecraft is one of the most famous sandbox games in the world. But managing to survive inside the game itself can be quite a complicated task.

5 Tips Every Beginner in Minecraft Should Know in 2023

For that, I will bring up a few tips for those new to the game that can be used when playing solo and in multiplayer.

To get started, you need to know the few important steps and things needed to survive your first day of adventure in Minecraft and what things you need to have in the game.

Although the game currently has a system to follow, it is best to have a few more than needed to be prepared for what’s to come. It is important to note that these tips are for beginners to survive on day one in the game.

The game currently has two versions: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. Java is the first version that has been updated over the years and is exclusive to PCs.

Bedrock is the version that came out for all platforms later. Currently, the big difference between the two versions is more in the matter of which Bedrock received the updates before; besides that, if you have the Java version, there is no way to play with someone using Bedrock.

Another part that hinders gameplay is if the idea is to play with your friends online, you should all choose the exact version of the game to avoid any error that might occur.

A sandbox title developed by Mojang, Minecraft allows players to create and explore their virtual worlds and allows them to do what they what in the game.

It is not only entertaining but also educational, as it improves creativity, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness.

However, for newbie players, the game can be overwhelming and quite hard, as it may take a while to understand how to navigate the world once you get into it.

With some practice and know-how, gamers can start their journey on the right foot and enjoy exploring the vast world of Minecraft.

1. Collect necessary materials

The first step and most important thing to do is to collect any essential and necessary resources as much as you can the moment you spawn into the game.

As a newbie, players must collect basic materials such as wood, dirt, and stone, which are crucial in crafting tools, weapons, and building structures.

They must chop trees by hand to obtain wood or find a cave system and mine for resources. Once these are all collected, players can create a crafting table with four blocks of wood, enabling them to create other items.

Furthermore, they can use the crafting guide to obtain detailed recipes, which will help them through the process of creating different things in the game.

2. Understand how survival mode works

Minecraft is an adventure game that provides players two primary modes to explore:: Survival and Creative. The former requires players to fend off hostile mobs and collect important resources such as food, wood, iron, etc.

Players must construct various structures to protect themselves against any kind of danger. They need to focus and work out their creative skills to build defenses, weapons, and other things that aid in their survival in this challenging game mode.

While survival requires skill, the Creative mode provides them a unique opportunity to unleash their creativity, imagination, and building skills without limitations. Players in Creative mode have unlimited resources and can access all the blocks and items available in the game.

It is an ideal mode for those who love to experiment with building new structures, landscapes, and cities without worrying about the logistics of gathering resources. This would love by the player who likes to build nonstop.

3. Build your base or shelter

Building a shelter early is needed during your first day in the game, especially when playing in Survival mode. It protects you from dangerous mobs, such as zombies and creepers, and serves as your base.

Players should ensure their base has enough room for items, a bed, and a crafting table. They can begin constructing their shelter with simple and common materials like dirt or wood, then upgrade it with other materials as they keep playing.

4. Be aware of hostile mobs

Hostile mobs are creatures that can attack players in Minecraft. Knowing how to defend against them is essential, especially in Survival mode.

They should be keen to listen to their sounds to know their location and which weapons work best against them. A

sword, axe, or bow and arrow are the most effective weapons against mobs. When fighting hostile mobs, players should have ample space to move around, dodge their attacks, and eventually defeat them.

5. Be creative

Minecraft is not only a survival game but also a game of creativity and passion for art to create more awesome structures.

Players can build anything they can imagine and create an entire world. With the unlimited list of blocks, they can build whatever they like, from simple cute houses to big and impressive cities.

There are mods in Minecraft that they can download to make their experience more enjoyable, while survival mode is challenging. Creative mode allows them to build anything without limitations, while survival mode is challenging.

In a game with so much creative freedom, Minecraft’s community of players has become one of its greatest resources for educating and entertaining new and experienced users.

No instruction manuals are included when playing Minecraft, and players use trial and error to figure the game out independently.

As a result, the internet served as common ground for Minecrafters to share their success stories.

And there you have it: the basic tips for beginners to survive on their first day in Minecraft. Ideally, you’d want to complete this task during your first day.

However, it will likely take longer if this is your first time playing. Remember, if you still do not have a shelter, and nighttime is coming, feel free to build into a nearby hill (or even into the ground) and hunker down until morning.

Trust us, those zombies, creepers, spiders, and skeletons are NOT joking around and WILL eliminate you with a few hits if you’re unprepared.

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