5 Tricks For Speedrunning Minecraft in 2024


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Learn these five tricks for speedrunning Minecraft in 2024!

5 Tricks For Speedrunning Minecraft in 2024

Many players overlook Minecraft speedrunning as most play the game for leisure and enjoyment.

But most veteran Minecraft players do speed runs to test their knowledge, and the limits to which they face the challenges are much more intense than if they were to go about the game the regular way. These tricks will help guide first-timers to try speedrunning the game on their own easily and quickly.

1. Create a boat

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Boats are handy in various in-game scenarios. They are extremely simple to make as they require only five planks. When playing in survival mode, it is always a good idea to have a boat or carry enough wood in your inventory to craft an emergency boat if necessary.

Boats in Minecraft are also very impressive because whenever a player uses a boat, no matter how high they fall, they will not take any damage. This is very helpful as speed runners will run around to reach their destinations as quickly as possible and can easily fall from a high point if they are not careful.

Traveling by boat is commonly quicker and much safer than swimming. There is no risk of drowning while a player is on a ship. While boat players are still at risk of being attacked by hostile underwater mobs, the wood provides an extra barrier of protection against water mobs like drowning.

You can also use a boat on the ice and glide significantly faster than on the water, making it an even more efficient method of travel.

The other uses of boats are that players can trap endermen in them for a safe fight, trap villagers to move them closer to a base, trap animals to move them into a farm, and so much more.

And one last thing: boats can also be used to travel across lava pools, as it is another hurdle players often face while exploring the Nether dimension.

2. Use the F3 screen to decide where to go

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Using the F3 screen is one of the best tricks to speedrunning Minecraft. It’s an impressive technique you can learn easily and quickly on the first try. To do this, come up to the nether.

All you need is to find the Bastions by pressing the F3 key. You will find the E number at the top left corner of the screen; It is the entity count number. It can be through the walls, so you may not see it.

You can also use the other coordinates in the second nether portal that might put you near the street. If you press F3 and look on the left-hand side of the screen, you will see X, Y, and Z. These are your coordinates in the nether. 

3. Building the Nether portal

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A Nether Portal is an obsidian structure through which the player can travel faster between the Nether and the Overworld. They can produce distinctive whimpering and crying noises and release purple dust-like particles.

The nether portal should be at least four blocks wide and five blocks high and should be activated using flint and steel. Most players will need many eyes enders to enter the soulless land of the End dimension, where the Ender Dragon is located.

This rare item requires blaze powder to be crafted, which can only be obtained in the Nether dimension. The quickest way to get a portal is to use a bucket of lava and water. You will need to build a drawing of a portal and then put water onto a place where it touches every block of the drawing.

Use a lava bucket from an infinite lava source, and put lava on a block of your drawing. Keep doing this until you have a ring of obsidian.

Players can use this game mechanic to form a portal without having to mine obsidian, which is easier. Deep ravines and ruined portals are the best places to build a nether portal, as both these places already have quite a lot of obsidian and lava from beforehand.

4. Bartering

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Bartering with piglins in Minecraft is a great trick when speedrunning Minecraft. Players with a surplus of gold ingots are highly recommended to trade them to Piglins, as many potential items received will likely be much more helpful than those ingots.

Piglin bartering is also very underrated, as many players do not bother with it. But, the high chance of receiving hard-to-acquire items such as Ender Pearls or Enchanted Books should be enough to change that into golds or more impressive items, which can help.

Another purpose of bartering is for speedrunning Minecraft, as it completes the game as quickly as possible by defeating the Ender Dragon.

To fight the Ender dragon, you must activate the end portal, which requires the Eyes of Ender. The best place to do so is in bastions, as many piglins naturally spawn there, and many gold blocks are naturally generated. By bartering with piglins, players can quickly acquire a lot of Ender Pearls, using which they can craft the required Eyes of Ender.

They will need a lot of gold ingots, and the easiest source of it while speedrunning are the gold blocks that generate in bastions. Speedrunners should know the bastion’s structure well enough to collect the gold quickly.

5. Acquire beds

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One of the best tricks for players who want to defeat the Ender Dragon when speedrunning Minecraft is making a large number of beds. Since beds are useful in Minecraft as they explode when the player uses them in the End dimension, players can use them to cause damage to the Ender Dragon.

If the player has a village close to spawn, they can quickly grab the village house beds. Beds can be extremely useful for dealing large amounts of damage to the dragon.

Placing them down when the ender dragon is on the portal and blowing them up immediately removes up to 1/5 of the dragon’s heart health; it can also damage and kill you, which is the case with the ender dragon.

Because of that game mechanic, Minecraft speedrunners love using beds to deal more damage to the ender dragon and kill it quickly to get the record they want.

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