How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of (6 WAYS)



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It happens to the best of us, you’ve found a game and you’re super enthusiastic about playing it, only to find out that you’ve forgotten its name. What do you do in these types of situations? Sometimes you whack your brain for a couple of hours to no avail.

How To Find A Game That You Forgot The Name Of (6 WAYS)

Because I know how much this is unfortunate and have experienced a fair share of it, I consider myself as an expert in this topic. I will outline six methods to help you find the name of the game you forgot.

6 Methods to Find a Name of a Game That You’ve Forgot

I like to be a straight-shooter, so I’ll get right to it. These are the six methods you can use to find a name to a game:

  1. Google

Before doing anything else, I would suggest that you go on google as fast as possible. Search for what you remember, it can be an objective in the game, its graphics, and practically anything.

Google is a big database, so chances are that you will find your game in a jiffy.

  1. Forums

Forums can be the most helpful. If you ask a community you have a higher chance that someone remembers something that you’ll give them information about.

Kindly create a topic on a forum site. I suggest sites like Reddit, in a gaming community.

  1. Game Databases

There are game databases in which you can select multiple search options. Use this and roughly adjust your search settings and see if you can see the game you are looking for.

  1. Google Images

Search exactly the same as the first method, but select images as your results. You might find a picture that corresponds with the game you’re looking for.

  1. Google Search with Picture

If you have a screenshot by chance, you can search with that picture, and Google will pull up all of the pictures which look similar. Try this method, despite what you might think, it can be effective.

  1. YouTube

If you know a song from the game, and you know what it is called, go on YouTube and search for the song name and the artist. After that, include “ost” and “game” after the song and artist.

This will give you results for all the games that have that particular song in them.

These conclude some interesting methods you can use to find out the name of the game if you’ve forgotten it. Some of these can also be used to search for something else like movies for example.

Finding Game – Conclusion

If I had to pick which of these is the best, I would say it’s probably creating a topic on a forum. However, the others are easier, and if I couldn’t find anything with the others, then I will result to forums.

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