How To Tame A Noglin in Ark Survival Evolved


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Noglins are very bizarre creatures. This creatures are volatile and gruesome, but they can be great pets. With the new updates to Ark Survival Evolved, there are some changes to how taming a Noglin works. Since that is the case, today, we will focus solely on how to tame a Noglin in Ark Survival Evolved. This is probably one of the most annoying creatures to tame in Ark Survival Evolved.

How To Tame A Noglin in Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved: How to Tame a Noglin

Firstly, there are a couple of things you will need before you set out to find some Noglins. Those include: Bola, net projectile, primitive weapon launcher, and tranquilizer darts.

Obviously, these are optional, but if you want to follow along with this guide, consider getting all of them, since most, if not all, play a crucial role into taming a Noglin. You will also need turtles or other creatures with a high health level. It can be any one, but turtles work best, and you should have at least 4-5.

After getting all the items we mentioned, you can start taming a Noglin in Ark Survival Evolved:

  1. Travel to the Corrupted Area, as this location is full with Noglins.
  2. Use something with thermal vision if you want to find one faster, as they’re relatively small and hard to see.
  3. Once you find one, trap it using the net projectile.
  4. Build a one-by-one square with a foundation and stone walls around the creature.
  5. Then, build a bigger space around the one you already did, with dyno gates and doors.

Once you have completed all the steps above, the Noglin will be properly captured, and, it is only at this point from which you can start taming the Noglin. Follow these steps to tame the Noglin:

  1. Start spawning turtles or other creatures with high health around the Noglin.
  2. Then, move the creatures, so they’re facing the Noglin in the middle.
  3. This is so that the Noglin can jump easily to the heads of the creatures, to start mind controlling them.
  4. After that, you can shoot the Noglin with a tranquilization dart. Then, break the walls and foundations of the mini structure around the Noglin.
  5. After a while, the Noglin will wake up and jump to the creatures’ heads around it.
  6. At this point, you will start taming it.

Make sure that you’re not riding any of the creatures when the Noglin wakes up. It might even jump to you if you’re not careful, so leave the structure altogether or stand on top of it.

There are weird bugs which might occur with the Noglin, but a how-to on fixing them is available on the video above.

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