A Newbie’s Guide To Becoming Better at Fortnite



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Since launching in 2017, Fornite has consistently become one of the top battle royales out there. It’s also one of the highest-grossing games currently. With a player base that reaches the millions, it’s can be quite intimidating to dive into this battle royale if you’re a newcomer. Lucky for you, getting better at Fortnite is relatively easy.

A Newbie's Guide To Becoming Better at Fortnite

Getting better at Fornite isn’t just about practice, it’s also learning about a few important tips and tricks that can help you become effectively better at becoming number one. If you’re looking to dive into the closing Storm, then here are a few important pointers that all newbies should consider when playing Fortnite.

Pick Your Weapons Well

There are a lot of weapons to choose in Fortnite. Some of them are best for beginners. The best weapon for beginners in the game are the assault rifles. These offer high DPS and the gun is very stable too. While it may not be good for long-ranged combat, you can use the assault rifle to easily take out enemies from mid to close range.

Make the pump action shotgun as your secondary weapon. You can use this when enemies get too close for comfort. A shotgun to the chest can cause a ton of damage to other players and it’s not necessary to go for the head when using a shotgun.

One weapon that you might want to avoid early on are sniper rifles. While powerful, sniper rifles require a lot of patience, precision, and accuracy. It also requires good map sense and tactical knowledge in Fortnite.

Sound Is Your Friend

One of the ways to play Fortnite is stealthily. You can easily gain the upperhand on skilled players if you are able to catch them off-guard. The same goes for your enemies as well. They are most likely going to be doing sneaking around you as well. The good news is that if your ears are aware enough, you can detect nearby enemies easily.

If you have one, make sure to use a good headset when playing Fortnite. This will help you easily source out the location of nearby enemies, firefights, and even players who are building things. If you don’t have a good headset, make sure to turn your volume all the way up.

Learn The Lay Of The Land

Having deep knowledge of the map can be one of the best assets you can have at your disposal when playing Fortnite. The map constantly changes throughout the season but the biggest changes occur when a new season arrives. If you want to explore the map on your own, go into a private lobby and then launch the game.

Look for potential vantage points in each of the key areas in the game. If you can, try to map out good routes for your to take once you get into a real match.

Don’t Focus On Building Skyscrapers

As a battle royale, one of the unique gameplay features of Fortnite is that you can scour materials and build structures in game. The pros at this game can build skyscrapers and complex structures very quickly but this takes a lot of practice. It would be wise to go for simpler structures such as walls and slopes. Focusing on building walls is very important as this can help save you from very crucial moments.

Eventually, you’ll be able to get a hand at building bases and complex structures on your own.

Land On Rooftops

When it comes to battle royales including Fortnite, gaining the high ground is a good strategy that both beginners and veterans can benefit out of. In the case of Fortnite, it would be a good idea to land on top of rooftops during the start of the match.

Aside from giving yourself the upperhand in terms of location, you can also avoid any unwanted conflict at the start. From the top of the roof, begin smashing your way down into the house where you can begin looting for weapons and items as well. This is a safer alternative as compared to charging head on into houses through doors.

Don’t Rush

Battle royales are basically survival games. It’s not about who has the most kills – it’s about the last man or the last people standing. It’s very tempting to shoot your way to the top but if you’re not yet familiar with the feel of the guns and the base building in the game, it’s a wise choice to be focused on looting and survival at first.

An aggressive playstyle isn’t really recommended for beginners as this means you’ll be engaging in firefights left and right. Take it slow and move along the rim of the Storm. Play as stealthily as possible and only fight once you’ve reached the last few circles. As you survive throughout the match, make sure to get as much loot as you can.

Achieving your first victory in a game of Fortnite is very exciting but don’t expect that win to come very early. After you’ve earned your keep with these tips, it will be a lot easier to dominate this tried and tested battle royale.

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