Action RPG Unsighted Launches September 30 for PS4


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Publisher Humble Games and developer Studio Pixel Punk have announced that the action RPG Unsighted will be launching on September 30 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Action RPG Unsighted Launches September 30 for PS4

Alma is an Automaton machine who awakens in a world torn apart from a savage war against humans. Alma must travel across the vast ruin city of Arcadia before the life force of their friends and themselves fades away forever. Automatons like Alma need Anima, a resource that replenishes their life force to ultimately help stop them from turning into senseless killing machines named the Unsighted.

The game will have a lot of varied and rich combat, including different weapons that can be equipped to suit your preferred playstyle. This can range from dual-wielding swords, shuriken, and even a badass shotgun. In addition, the character will physically display whatever weapon you choose to equip onto your character, which certainly adds a stylish edge. To survive in this post-apocalyptic world, Alma will need to perfectly time combat actions to trigger fast reloads or parry to deal massive damage.

The Automaton Alma can be upgraded by chips, which you can be found throughout your journey. You can also gain chips by crafting mechanics, which might be a worthwhile endeavour, as they provide many bonus effects for the character. These chips can be used to increase stats like health and strength. There will also be chips that can fuel up pre-existing powers such as jumping and spinning. Furthermore, there will be many puzzles to overcome, which will require you to gather new powers and tools.

The withering life force of the Automatons will trickle away in real-time and is a focal point in the story of Unsighted. Lingering in one spot for too long can be risky business, as it may lead to critical NPCs turning into Unsighted before you have a chance to encounter them. You will also be confronted with the choice to save or drain other Automatons of their Anima for survival. The different flow of times and morality-based decisions will provide different endings, giving players potential replay value.

There are also several additional challenges modes, such as Boss Rush and Dungeon Raid. Alongside this, a co-op option will allow a friend to tag along with you throughout your adventure.

If you’re curious about the upcoming game and want to try it before launch, there is a demo for Unsighted currently available on Steam.


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