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Maxis has recently released a base-game update for The Sims 4. The update included the feature likes and dislikes for your Sims, and now creating characters has never been more gratifying.

How to Add Likes and Dislikes in The Sims 4

Shortly after the massive update, they also added a new expansion pack called the Dream Home Decorator. You might notice that the pack’s theme is synonymous with the concept of the aforementioned feature. After all, having preferences for your house’s interior decoration is weighed the same as choosing the things your Sim likes or dislikes.

If you haven’t bought the pack yet, don’t you worry, you can still enjoy The Sims 4’s newly added content as it was designed to work on the base game as well.

Let’s begin making a new life in Create-a-Sim

After giving your Sim a name, a face, a body, an aspiration, and any other trait you can customize — it’s time to give your Sim some likes and dislikes!

First, pick out the colors your Sim either adores or detests. You can choose more than one color, but try not to get crazy with all the clicking. The “0/20” counter displayed on the screen indicates that there is a limitation to the likes and dislikes that you can set up.

Next, choose which genre of music your Sim would want to get their groove on to and which will send them into a bad mood as they listen to it.

The hobbies and skills are essentially linked to the actions that you can do in the game, so choose carefully which ones you would approve or disapprove of.

As you might have already guessed, each of the likes and dislikes that you chose will affect the way your Sims behave and react in certain situations.

Listening to music that they prefer, for example, will brighten up their mood. Therefore, adding the action “dance” while listening to the radio and can rapidly increase their fun and amusement.

On the other hand, catching a tune of their hated genre will give them a tense moodlet and will quickly drain the fun out of your Sims.

It just goes to show that the brand-new preferences system adds a whole new layer of depth to your Sims’ personalities. Watch them gasp in awe whenever they see a decoration painted in their favorite color, or observe their grouchy expression as they drag themselves to an activity they hate the most.

Are you having fun with the new feature that they added to the game? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!

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