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Warships and girls are the major themes of Azur Lane, but today we’re going to talk about the former. Other than fighting with these ships, you can also upgrade them for higher combat efficiency. Doing so can produce Tech Points, which boosts a Faction’s Technology Level.

How to Get Tech Points in Azur Lane

If you’re not sure how the Technology system works in Azur Lane, we can help you. There are three ways to earn Tech Points, and you don’t have to spend your money doing so. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Tech Point Basics

Here are some basic rules about obtaining Tech Points:

  • There are point ratios.

Two-ninths of any ship’s Tech Points are from collecting them. Four-ninths come from breaking their limits, and reaching Level 120 will reward you with the remaining Tech Points.

  • Rare ships give you more Tech Points.

The more stars your ship has, the more points you get from them. Six-star ships give you the most.

  • Displacement and types matter.

Generally, ships with more displacement and heavier types tend to give you more Tech Points; however, there are some exceptions.

  • Iron Blood ships are worth more.

As there aren’t many Iron Blood ships in Azur Lane, their Tech Point yield is higher.

Collecting Ships

Every new ship you get in Azur Lane grants you at least two Tech Points, while the rarest ships can reward you with 28 Tech Points from acquisition alone. The rarer the ship, the more points you get just from collecting them.

Friedrich der Große, the six-star Iron Blood Battleship, is worth 56 Tech Points from collecting her alone.

When you get a new ship, you automatically gain some Tech Points. Duplicates don’t give you more, as the game only counts the copy that has the highest level.

Breaking a Ship’s Limits to Their Maximum

When you break a ship’s limits, you not only increase their stars, but they also gain bonuses depending on individual ships. Doing so also rewards you with Tech Points.

You can perform a Limit Break on each ship thrice. The levels when a Limit Break is available is as follows:

  • Level 10
  • Level 30
  • Level 70

You need a duplicate of the ship or a Universal ship to perform the Limit Break for the first two times. At Level 70, two copies or Universal ships are required. You may choose to mix duplicate and Universal ships.

Reaching the max Limit Break will reward you with at least four Tech Points, but the actual amount depends on the ship’s rarity and faction.

Reach Level 120

Reaching Level 120 on every ship you own is quite challenging. Once your boat hits Level 100, you need a set amount of Cognitive Chips to help them gain five more levels. It takes around a month to gather enough for Ultra Rare or Decisive ships’ maximum Awakening.

Conversely, helping more common ships achieve Awakening is cheap, though the costs increase with higher rarities. The most Cognitive Chips you’ll spend is 3,300 if you wish to reach Level 120 from Level 100.

When you reach Level 120, the remaining Tech Points will finally be available.

Collect, Break Limits, and Awaken

Remember to invest in your ships, as you’ll need the Tech Points for fleet buffs. It’s not easy leveling all your ships to 120 or getting duplicates, but patience and hard work pay off. While Tech Points are locked to factions, the buffs are universal.

How many ships have you maxed out for their Tech Points? What’s your rarest ship? Tell us in the comments section below.

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