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Pets bring joy into our lives, but not everyone can keep them where they live. Even so, they can always turn to the popular Roblox game Adopt Me, where fantastic creatures exist. These pets are all waiting for you to adopt and care for them.

How To Get Free Pets in Adopt Me for Roblox

While you can spend Robux to buy pet Eggs, there are plenty of methods for getting them without doing so. The game’s rewards system is pretty generous, and you can get free pets by playing daily.

Getting Free Pets in Adopt Me

Every player in Adopt Me gets a free pet when they first start playing. The Starter Egg will either hatch into a Dog or Cat. After this egg hatches, you’ll have to play the game more to adopt newer creatures.

Below are other ways to get more Pets in Adopt Me.

Star Rewards

Every day you log into Adopt Me, you earn some Stars, which you can exchange for Star Rewards. You can’t just log in and leave to get these rewards, as the game requires players to play the game for enough time. The playtime to make rewards eligible is three and a half hours.

When you log in for 180 days in a row, you can get a Golden Egg, which guarantees a Legendary Pet. Getting to 180 days also requires players to spend their Stars to claim the rewards. At this point, the streak resets, and players will start from zero Stars.

The next time you complete a streak, Diamond Eggs replace the Golden Egg reward, but the latter will return for the third streak. This cycle will repeat as long as you play the game daily.

Earning Bucks and Buying Eggs

Bucks are Adopt Me’s in-game currency; you can use them to buy many items. You can earn Bucks through these sources:

  • Care for Babies’ or Pets’ ailments
  • Claiming the regular paycheck of $20 per 10 to 15 minutes
  • Collecting Bucks from Money Trees
  • Logging in every day
  • Occasional events

Logging into the game daily will also affect your Buck-earning streak, which resets every five days. When you log in during the first day, you earn $25, increasing to $200 on day four. On day five, you get a gift.

You get $25 on day six, and the cycle repeats forever.

Cracked Eggs appear when you log in for 30 days straight. They’re not the best Eggs, but there’s a 1.5% chance for a Legendary.

When you earn enough Bucks, you can buy the following Eggs in the Nursery:

  • Cracked Egg for $350
  • Pet Egg for $600
  • Royal Egg for $1,450

Getting Eggs From the Gumball Machine

The Gumball Machine is a contraption inside the Nursery selling unique time-limited Eggs. For $750, players can get the currently available Egg, and you need to complete six tasks to hatch it.

As of writing time, the limited Egg in the Gumball Machine is the Mythic Egg. All Eggs purchasable from the Gumball Machine are of Legendary rarity.

In the past, players could get the following Eggs this way:

  • Safari Egg
  • Jungle Egg
  • Farm Egg
  • Aussie Egg
  • Fossil Egg
  • Ocean Egg

These Eggs will yield some excellent pets, but you may have to hatch many of them due to the low chances of getting Legendaries.

Trading With Other Players

When you approach someone else, you can choose to trade with them. It’s possible to trade for Eggs you can’t obtain anymore, such as the previous Gumball Machine Eggs. Adopt Me has measures to prevent scams, but you must also be careful.


Make sure to try getting limited pets when possible. When new time-limited events arrive, watch for any special pets. After the event, these creatures will likely be permanently removed from the reward pool.

Who’s a Good Boy?

Even players who don’t spend money on Adopt Me can get new pets often. Some of the cheaper Eggs have a chance of hatching a Legendary pet; it depends on your luck. Of course, the Golden or Diamond Eggs guarantee such scarce beasts.

In short, playing Adopt Me daily and claiming rewards is an excellent way to get free companions. Don’t forget to get limited pets while possible too.

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