What Is Alien Worlds And How Do You Play?



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With so many NFT games popping up left and right, it can be tricky picking one worth your time and money. Some people pick games solely on being fun, and there is nothing wrong with that. In terms of uniqueness and innovation, one NFT game you might want to consider is Alien Worlds – a free-to-play title with good earning potential.

What Is Alien Worlds And How Do You Play?

What Is Alien Worlds?

In Alien Worlds, you take on the role of a space explorer. In the game, you are equipped with a set of three mining tools you can use to mine planets with. The minerals you mine are the game’s form of cryptocurrency, so it is pretty easy to see how you can begin earning from the game. All you need to do is mine, after all.

Trillium or TLM is the cryptocurrency in Alien Worlds. You get it by mining the planet in the game. The amount of TLM you get is determined by your mining tool, the land you choose to mine, and the amount of available TLM on the planet you are on. Mining the coin can take around 2 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on your mining tool.


How Do You Play?

To begin playing Alien Worlds, you first need to make a WAX.io Wallet. This is one of the leading decentralized video game and entertainment networks out there. It is a wallet solely focused on NFTs. What is even better is the wallet is easy to make. All you need is to link the wallet to a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, and you will be good to go.

Once done, you will need to set up your account. You can pick from one of two avatars. Then create your username to start the game. You can play the game only on a desktop browser, and it seems like there are no plans for a mobile version of the game in the pipeline for now.

There are specific characteristics you need to look for in a planet. One is the amount of TLM the planet has, and this is called Mining Pot. The other consideration is the amount of time it takes for the planet to generate TLM, which is called Filtrate. However, the planet you choose does not matter at the start of your Alien Worlds journey.

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The next step after picking a planet is then choosing land to mine on. In Alien Worlds, Land is an NFT that represents the parts of a planet. You can own a Land in the game, which you can mine yourself. Other players can mine your land for a commission, of course.

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Next, you have to choose the type of mining tool you use to mine the planets with. Everyone is given a Shovel at the start of the game. However, this has minimal mining power, and it is not good for making big gains on Alien Worlds. Eventually, you will want to invest in other mining tools. Various factors determine each mining tool.

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Mining power refers to the amount of TLM you can mine using the tool. NFT chance refers to the ability of the mining tool to find an NFT while mining. Charge Time refers to the amount of time it takes for the mining tool to cool down after being used. POW refers to Proof of Work which makes it easier to mine in the game – this characteristic matters only later in the game.

The NFTs you can earn include Weapons, Artifacts, and Minions. You can earn these NFTs as early as now, but the mode to play them on will appear later in the game’s future. The developers are looking to implement a PVP element called the Thunderdome, and it is something to try when it launches.

Alien Worlds is a simple mining game, but as with most NFT games, you will need to make some suitable investments to make the most out of your account. As it is free-to-play, it might be a wise idea to consider playing the game and trying it out. Who knows, it might be a game that you fully enjoy and make a lot of money from.

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