All Secret Character Locations: Watch Dogs Legion


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As special as all of the operatives in Watch Dogs Legion might be, there are a few in particular which are very unique. They’re quite hidden, and they have pretty good skills and perks.

All Secret Character Locations: Watch Dogs Legion

They spawn at more or less the same locations, but there might be sometimes when you need to reset if the operative doesn’t spawn. We will give you all secret character locations if you want to recruit these in your team.

Secret Character Locations

Sadly, there aren’t many hidden recruits in Watch Dogs Legion. Well, there might be many “hidden” ones, but their skillset pales in comparison to these two secret ones.

Follow the guide below to get both recruits on your team:

The Hitman

hitman location watchdogs legion
  1. Travel to Brewer Street in the City of Westminster.
  2. Get out and go on the street.
  3. Take a right and then a left in the small alleyway between Club Fantasy and Red Boudoir.
  4. Here you will find the hitman, if you don’t see him, travel to another location and go back here. Also, make sure to do this at night.


  • Desert Eagle + G36 – Strong weapons arsenal for any situation!
  • Gunkata – Instant gun takedown.
  • Combat Roll – You can use this to dodge anything, and it will auto reload your weapons.
  • Hiccups – Alert close enemies.

The Spy

spy location watchdogs legion
  1. Fast travel to Vauxhall.
  2. Get out from the underground and get on the scooter in front.
  3. Drive it to the right of the MI6 building.
  4. Left of the building will be a street of sorts. Here you will find the spy:
  5. Same goes for this one too, if he doesn’t spawn travel to another area then come back here


  • P9 Silenced – The quietest pistol on the market.
  • Spy Watch – You can jam enemies’ weapons with this watch.
  • Spy Car – Sort of a James Bond car. It has missiles and cloak.

The Spy is probably a James Bond reference in Watch Dogs. Nevertheless, both characters are unique and they are great addition to your party.

If you require some skillful combat skills use one of these characters. If for some reason they don’t spawn for you, check if you have recruited them in the past.

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