All Your Bizarre Adventure Codes(Roblox) – Tested October 2022


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Our Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure codes page lists all of the game’s accessible codes. You may acquire energy and rewards by using these! 

All Your Bizarre Adventure Codes(Roblox) - Tested October 2022

Your Bizarre Adventure is a Roblox metaverse platform experience created by Bizarre Studios. Players can gain spiritual talents, battle their way through the world, combat other gangs, and discover new regions in this game based on the anime Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. We have compiled a list of working Roblox The Bizarre Adventure codes that you can use to get in-game perks like double experience and other incentives. 

You will create a character and play an RPG-style game in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure. As you travel the world, you will acquire powerful abilities known as Stands. Fighting gangs will let you advance in levels, complete tasks, and pick up new abilities. Utilize all these tools to grow into the strongest character in the game! 

Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Codes – Tested October 2022

You can locate whatever you seeke seeking with our collection of Your Bizarre Adventurd below. These can be exchanged for a selection of free items that will help you develop your character. The most recent working Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure codes can be found below.  

Codes mustimmediatelyight away because they become invalid after amount of time. If you need it, you may find instrucusingow to use the codes in Your Bizarre Adventure below the list of codes.

Your Bizarre Adventure Working Codes

The codes currently available are listed below:

YummersOneMillionLikesFree Rewards
HUGEFree Rokakaka, Rib Cage of the Saint’s Corpse, Requiem Arrow, Pure Rokakaka, Pelvis of the Saint’s Corpse, Mysterious Arrow, Left Arm of the Saint’s Corpse, Heart of the Saint’s Corpse, Green Baby, DEO’s Diary
YareYareDawaFree Lucky Arrow

Expired Codes

The codes listed below are now unavailable rewards mentioned can not be redeemed:

SorryAboutYourQuestsFree Lucky Arrow
ilyFree Reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
OMG700KLIKESFree Reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
600kLikesFTWFree Redeemed Pure Rokakaka, Redeemed Ribcage, Redeemed Heart [Requires Prestige 3+]
200kLikesBruhFree 4 Redeemed Rokakaka, 4 Arrows
100kSubsLesGOOFree Requiem Arrow and Rokakaka
YES150kSubsFree Rib Cage and Left Arm
LUCKY_420k_LIKESFree Lucky Arrow
80kSubTHX!Free 4 Rokakaka and 4 Mysterious Arrow
ThanksFor50k+Subs!!!Free Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+], Redeemed Rokakaka, and Requiem Arrow
344k_LikesFree Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
ThxFor30kSubsFree Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrows [Requires Prestige 3+]
325k_LIKES_DUBFree Lucky Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
SubToUzuForMoreCodes!!Free 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, 2 Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
262kStandFree Reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
Yay251kFree 2 Pure Rokakaka, 3 Rokakaka [Requires Prestige 3+]
Yay242kFree Ribcage of the Saints Corpse, 2 Rokakaka, 3 Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
Yay237kFree 2 Redeemed Ribcage of Saints Corpse, 2 RedeemedRokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
EXP42x EXP for 25 minutes
Le225kDubFree Pure Rokakaka, Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Rokakaka, Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
EXP3Free 2x EXP for 25 minutes
Le225kDubFree Pure Rokakaka, Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Rokakaka, Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
sryForLeShutdownzFree 5 Redeemed Rokakakas, 5 Redeemed Mysterious Arrows [Requires Prestige 3+]
SorryForShutdownsFree Reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
EXP2Free x2 EXP for 25 minutes
ThxVeryDeliciousFree Reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
ThxFor200kFree Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrow [Requires Prestige 3]
EXP1Free Rewards EXP
ThxFor188kFree Roka, Arrows, and 2x EXP Boost
GIMMETUSKFree Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Redeemed Pelvis of The Saints Corpse
ThxFor185kFree Pure Roka, 3 Redeemed Arrows, and 2X EXP Boost [Requires Prestige 1+]
GiveMeSixPistolsFree Reward
NostalgicFree Reward [Requires Prestige 1+]
TestFree Reward [Requires Prestige 1+]
Star Code InfernasuFree Rokakaka, Arrow, and 20 minutes of x2 EXP [Requires Prestige 1+]
THIS UPDATE WAS MADE IN HEAVENFree Pure Rakakaka and Arrow [Requires Prestige 1+]

How to Enter Codes in Your Bizarre Adventure

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes are simple to use and redeem. To guarantee that there are no mistakes or unnecessary spaces, copy and paste the codes exactly from our list. Follow the steps below to claim your game’s rewards.

  1. Launch Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure on your computer and mobile device.
  2. Look for the “Menu” icon to access the settings.
  3. Select the “Gear” button and click it.
  4. Choose a code from our list.
  5. Paste it into the text box.
  6. To claim your benefits, Click the “REDEEM CODE” button.

After redeeming the codes, you should automatically receive any in-game bonuses or account upgrades. Double-check that you wrote the code correctly if it says it is invalid.

How to Get More Codes

If you want to find more codes, follow UzuKee, the game’s developer, on Twitter. You should also subscribe to UsuKee’s YouTube channel, where most of the codes appear to be provided. If not, bookmark this wiki because we will update it with the most recent codes. 

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