Amnesia Rebirth: How to Make Tank Shell



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While Amnesia Rebirth is technically a horror game, you will find yourself, using a lot of survival mechanics, and a lot of ingenuity to progress and escape from places.

Amnesia Rebirth: How to Make Tank Shell

There will be a particular mission on your journey which will heavily rely on your ingenuity and crafting skills. This is no doubt, one of those more difficult puzzles, i.e. escaping the fort. To do this you will need to blow up a door with a tank.

But there will be no tank shells. That’s why have made a guide which will teach you how to make a tank shell.

How to Create a Tank Shell – Amnesia Rebirth

To make the tank shell, you will need to make gunpowder. This can be done by finding certain ingredients, and then cooking and mixing them.

After that, you can assemble the tank shell. So, without further ado, let’s first tackle how to make gunpowder:

  1. Go to the room above the radio place in the barracks. On a shelf you will find the saltpeter.
  2. Then make your way in the hallway from the designated gunpowder station.
  3. After you pass the spear trap, go into a room on the right and get the charcoal.
  4. Use the mills you’ll find on the left to get milled charcoal.
  5. Make your way to the murder room.
  6. Go outside from the window in the far back, left side.
  7. From the platform, jump to the other one. Don’t worry you can easily make the jump.
  8. Climb inside the window.
  9. The sulfur is located in a medical cabinet inside the room, take it.
  10. Go back to the room that you acquired charcoal in.
  11. There will be a cooker of sorts you can use. Place the sulfur inside, and light the base. You can put the top on for faster cooking time.
  12. After it finishes cooking, get the ingredient from the top.
  13. Combine all ingredients that you gathered to make the Gunpowder.

Now, you can progress to making the tank shell:

  1. Make your way to the room on the beginning of the Arsenal.
  2. Find the tank shell station.
  3. Put the gunpowder inside the shell.
  4. Pull the lever.
  5. Congratulations, now you can blow stuff up!

It might be demanding searching for and combining all of the ingredients, which is why this is one of the most difficult objectives in Amnesia Rebirth. Good luck!

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