Ankha: Who she is and how to get her in Animal Crossing


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Did you know that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a grand total of 397 villagers in all? In your various playthroughs, you’ll only ever get to interact with a small handful of them. That means you may never get to meet the real rock stars of New Horizons, such as Ankha.

Ankha: Who she is and how to get her in Animal Crossing

Ankha is an absolutely adorable cat who doesn’t quite have the personality to match. She’s err — how do you say it — a bit stuck up. Still, that’s one many players love about her. She stands out as a character in New Horizons due to her demeanor. Also, her name is Egyptian, and that culture lends a lot to her look. Some people really like that, too.

Now that you know a bit about Ankha, you’ might be wondering how you can get her into your New Horizons island. The answer is a bit complicated, but we’ll do our best to put you on the right path.

Ankha’s Amiibo Card is sort of hard to come by

You could always hope for luck in order to get Ankha to join your little community. If you play enough, she’ll eventually appear on an island. But you’ll probably have to play a lot in order for the game to rotate through all 397 characters. That seems like it would take a long time.

The one guaranteed way to get Ankha is to use an Amiibo Card. If you’re someone who might want the authentic card as a collector’s item, though, you might run into some issues. They’re hard to find, and you’d probably have to hit up eBay in order to find an original.

amiibo card

There is one other option you could explore, and that is to buy a third-party Ankha Amiibo Card from Amazon. This one here will run you $8.99 and seems to have pretty good reviews. It’s not the official thing, but it has the NFC chip inside of it that contains the transfer data for Ankha, so it’s one surefire way to get her to join your island.

Really, it might be the only way to get her at this point, unless you like getting into eBay bidding wars with Nintendo fans.

And with that, you know what there is to know about Ankha, and the actions you can take to try and bring her into your Animal Crossing: New Horizons experience. Good luck! And enjoy your new cat friend.

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