Apex Legends: Best Legends to Play for Season 14



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Some Legends stand out from the rest.

Apex Legends: Best Legends to Play for Season 14

Season 14 brought a ton of new content to Apex Legends. Of course, the update’s highlight was the newest addition to the Apex Legends roster in Vantage. Still, the new changes to Kings Canyon and the ability to rank up the Battle Pass through non-Battle Royale game modes are also exciting additions.

With Vantage in the roster, you’re probably wondering which Legends are the best to use in-game. With that in mind, this guide lists the top five most-picked Legends for Season 14.

#5 Bloodhound

Bloodhound continues to be a popular pick in most Battle Royale matchups due to his powerful tracking abilities.

Not only can Bloodhound get a good idea of where the closest enemy squad is heading, but he can also get a good idea about the actions they performed while they were in the area. This can give Bloodhound and his team a good indication of how well equipped the enemy squad is.

Knowing exactly where the enemy team might be can help Bloodhound and his team get the jump on them before they even see Bloodhound’s squad coming.

#4 Pathfinder

Pathfinder’s Grappling Hook is one of the most powerful movement-based abilities in Apex Legends, which gives him the ability to start or escape engagements with unmatched mobility and evasive capabilities in Apex Legends.

The learning curve for Grappling Hook is quite steep, but once you get the hang of it, you will be in and out of battle quicker than you can run.

#3 Wraith

Wraith is a versatile Legend that can play well alone or with her team. Her abilities give her enhanced danger detection, brief invulnerability, and the ability to transport ally and foe from one spot to another on the map.

Wraith’s Voices From the Void make her nearly invincible – whispers tell Wraith whether enemies are aiming at her or when there is a grenade incoming. When coupled with Into the Void, Wraith can easily avoid taking incoming damage with ease.

Perhaps Wraith’s best trick is the ability to transport herself and her allies into unorthodox positions around the map with crafty Dimensional Rift placements. Wraith can use this ability to save downed allies or teleport her entire team behind unsuspecting squads.

#2 Octane

Octane is the epitome of movement in Apex Legends. Octane’s abilities help him reposition like no other Legend can in-game.

Octane’s Passive Ability, Swift Mend, helps him replenish 1HP/second when out of combat. This allows him to sustain his aggressive playstyle and replenish any lost HP using his Stim ability.

On the topic of Stim, Octane’s Stim ability gives him increased movement speed for six seconds. This ability can be great for repositioning or for looking for more powerful angles that you can use against an enemy squad.

Lastly, Launch Pad lets Octane reposition to an even more powerful vantage point of angle around the map, which can be useful when in a pinch or when you’ve found a great tip you can use to flank the opposing squad.

#1 Vantage

We placed Vantage in #1 mainly due to her abilities that combine movement and surveillance in one neat little hunter package.

Vantage is adept at gaining information on enemy players, thanks to her Passive Ability Spotter’s Lens. At the same time, Echo Relocation gives her the mobility she needs to move from one spot to another quickly.

Lastly, with Vantage’s Ultimate Ability – Sniper’s Mark – she can tag and mark enemies and deal additional damage for every subsequent shot they take after being marked.

Movement and Information

You probably already see the current trend in five of the most-picked Legends in Apex Legends as of Season 14 – Mobility and Reconnaissance.

Two of the five top-picked Legends are great for scouting enemy locations and marking their current positions. In comparison, the other three Legends – Wraith, Pathfinder, and Octane, all excel in getting in and out of danger and using their superior mobility to outrun and out position enemies on the battlefield.

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