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Wraith is one of the most popular Legends in Apex Legends. Due to her interdimensional abilities, she can “kidnap” opponents and transport allies to places that are hard to reach. This makes her popular in highlight reels and memes.

How to Play Wraith in Apex Legends

Due to her diminutive hitbox, Wraith is a quick, fast, and elusive Legend. She is the classic glass cannon trope with her speed, quickness, and precognition. She is very effective in assassinating the backlines.

Who is Wraith?

Wraith is a feisty assassin, capable of lethal strikes and manipulating spacetime by forming rifts through the fabric of reality – but those talents came at a cost. She awoke years earlier in an IMC prison facility with no recollection of who she was. Renee Blasey, the Senior Science Pilot who volunteered as a guinea pig for her studies… whose partner deceived and imprisoned her… no longer existed.

All that remained was a shy girl terrified by a cacophony of voices in her brain until another version of herself came and taught her to listen to the voices. Wraith found the fortitude to break away from her cage and flee into a new universe – this actual one.

Wraith, now physically free but still deprived of her memories, continues her journey to discover who she was before the tests. She is still a regular in the Apex Games and draws closer to the truth with each bout. With so many Apex Games taking place on ancient IMC compounds, Wraith is now competing to access the enigmatic facilities and discover more about her identity.

Wraith is not the best Legend for newbies. Even if you had spent hundreds of hours, you still could be terrible playing as Wraith. Admittedly, those who play FPSes competitively will have a better go with her. But even so, practice using her first before jumping into ranked modes.

Playing Wraith: Crawl Before You Walk

Here are some of the basics to take note of in playing as Wraith in Apex Legends:

Be the bait.

Wraith is very annoying to play against. Her speed and quickness make her incredible in luring out enemies or making them abandon their positions just to kill her. Be that Wraith player that makes you turn your head round and round and in and out of the circle.

Pick the lethal weapons.

When you escape through the void and lead an offensive on an unsuspecting opponent team, you can cause as much damage as possible in as little time as possible. Given Wraith’s ability to sneak up on enemy squads, it’s best to utilize weapons that inflict greater damage at closer range, such as the Peacekeeper and EVA-8 Auto. Ensure you have enough shotgun ammo, and try to bring burst-type weapons.

Showcase your versatility.

While it is true that Wraith is probably the best pure assault Legend in Apex Legends, she is a great scout. She can move across the map and escape any countermeasure. Be forewarned that with her Tactical in cooldown, she is extremely vulnerable.

Armed to the teeth.

Make sure you have the best weapons, attachments, and armor. Demand this from your teammates. Let them know what ammo you want and get it from them. As a Wraith, you have all the right to demand these since you are hit fast and very hard. This also means that you have to perform well. A Wraith who gets caught and revived too many times is not a good player and should have chosen any other Legend.

Familiarize the map and the environment.

Among all the “free” Legends in Apex Legends, Wraith should be the last Legend to use by a newbie player. Most of you should unlock Octane before dipping your toes with Wraith so that you can learn and approximate how to use a Legend that is incredibly potent in offense but very soft. The very reason why playing the game more before even trying Wraith is to be familiar with the maps and know, like the back of your hand, every nook and cranny to hide or obscure yourself from vision. Wraith takes advantage of these the best by far.

How to Use Wraith Skills in Apex Legends

How to use Wraith’s Passive Voices from the Void

In-game Description:

A voice warns you when danger approaches.

Honestly, Wraith’s Passive is pretty cool. A voice would whisper in your ears if something dangerous were coming your way. This makes your squad protected from any ambushes up to a certain degree. Below are the events that trigger the Voices from the Void:

  1. An enemy is aiming at Wraith
  2. An enemy with a sniper rifle is aiming at Wraith
  3. Wraith is entering a place with traps
  4. Enemies are nearby Wraith
  5. Casualties are nearby

With this information, you will be ahead of enemy squads’ shenanigans. Aside from that, it is downright cool to have someone (actually Wraith herself in another time and space) tell you things that are happening live. However, some may find that creepy.

Here are some tips for taking advantage of this very unique Passive:

  • With your Active, you can be an effective scout and bait in an open area by diving in the middle and making the Passive trigger. By then, you can communicate with your teammates that someone somewhere is around the area.
  • You need a good headset. Any competitive first-person shooter requires a good headset for positioning purposes so that you would know where the footsteps are coming from. With Wraith, this is mandatory so that you can hear clearly in the middle of a fight that another squad is aiming at you.
  • You can choose to share the information given by this psychic ability. Sometimes, events like dead bodies in an area need not be reported. Even being targeted needs not to be shared when all of you are in the middle of a close-quarter gunfight. What is already obvious need not be repeated.

How to Use Wraith’s Tactical Into the Void

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Enter the void

In-game Description:

Reposition quickly through the safety of void space, avoiding all damage.

Into the Void is synonymous with Wraith herself. You may find this an amazing activity in the hands of streamers or opposing players. Yet, you may struggle to utilize this skill wisely in your hands. Nevertheless, with practice, you can make this powerful ability.

This ability effectively phases Wraith out of existence, rendering her immune to both damage and abilities. The ability takes 1.25 seconds to use, but once activated, she has 4 seconds in the void where you are entirely secure and travels 30% quicker.

This skill is the cornerstone of Wraith’s elusiveness, allowing her to reposition herself unexpectedly and favorably. She can use Into the Void to reset, heal, or escape entirely if combat doesn’t go her way.

Here are some tips for using this iconic Wraith ability:

  • A trick you can pull with your Into the Void is leaving the circle and going flank enemies or backstab them. All sources of damages are not taken against Wraith when she is inside the void. As mentioned before, you won’t take damage while ‘Into the Void’ is active, which makes it incredibly useful for those late-game moments when you are stuck between the edge of the circle and a wide-open plain with barely any cover in sight.
  • Wraith cannot interact with most items in the void; a locked door might jeopardize her escape plan. She can, however, utilize ziplines in the void.
  • The activation animation and the cooldown of Into the Void are relatively long. Its activation is 1.25 seconds with a cooldown of 25 seconds. That is a lot of downtime between usage. In the heat of battle, 1.25 seconds can feel like an eternity, so make sure you have enough health to activate the ability to get out of a situation.
  • Into the Void is better used as a counter-measure, a reactionary tool rather than as initiating maneuver. If you use this to enter a fight, you won’t be able to use it later to reposition, and if your opponent is prepared to attack, you’ll be an easy target as you appear from the void. You are at a disadvantage both before and after activating the ability. There is a brief delay when you escape the Void, during which your mobility is reduced by 20%, and your weapon is not ready. Try to ensure that you have substantial health and armor before and after using this ability.

How to Use Wraith’s Ultimate Dimensional Rift

In-game description:

Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds, allowing your entire team to use them.

The Dimensional Rift is an incredible skill in the hands of a good Wraith player and is terrible for those who do not know the ins and outs of the skill. When using the ability, Wraith places a portal in two locations. She has 60 seconds to run from points A and B to bridge them.

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She can place the final destination within the duration, but it will be placed automatically if the time expires or after she has leaped over 75 meters. Once both portals are placed, anyone can use friend or foe portals to move between the two locations. While casting her Ultimate, Wraith cannot use items, weapons, or ziplines. She receives a 25% speed boost with her already incredible speed.

Tips and Tricks

  • Wraith can cast her Ultimate to escape a battle due to the extra speed.
  • While Dimensional Rift is commonly used to escape difficult circumstances, it may also be employed offensively, particularly in battles with multiple squads. Ambush other players by using the portals. If you hear a battle in front of you, Wraith can use a portal to transport herself and her squad into the fight and go for clean-up kills.
  • Portals can only be used by players. Projectiles, items, and skills, such as Crypto’s drone or Mirage’s decoys, cannot enter through the portals. A Mirage coming out of the portal is not a decoy.
  • The ideal usage for these portals is to get around bottlenecks and provide a safe path for your team. Start your portal where your friends are, sprint across the canyon, then drop the exit on the other if you need to go from one side to the other. The same applies if you want to run put-out portals from cover to cover or building to building.
  • These portals endure 60 seconds, which is far longer than it appears. While useful for transporting comrades, they also allow adversaries to pass through. This is a perfect opportunity for an ambush. This method is also popular as a meme with Wraith players jumping into an enemy squad and putting down the second portal, therefore “kidnapping” their enemies. This takes a lot of practice and will often not work.
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The author won a game as Wraith with Horizon and Bloodhound support.

Wraith versus Other Legends

Wraith is very picky when it comes to squadmates. She cannot work with any random team composition, especially with Octane in the lineup. They have a lot of overlap in terms of playstyle. Pathfinder also does not work with her.

Most assault-type Legends do not have synergy with her skills except Horizon and maybe Revenant. Wraith works best with Legends that take away the attention from her, like Gibraltar and Rampart. Recon legends also further increase her effectiveness due to her not needing to be an advanced scout.

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