How to Get More Legend Tokens in Apex Legends


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Out of the four available currencies in Apex Legends, Legend Tokens are the only ones players can’t buy with real money. This means that the only way to get these tokens is to grind through the game.

How to Get More Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

We’re here to explain how to get Legend Tokens in Apex Legends and what you can buy with them.

How to Get Legend Tokens in League of Legends

The only way to obtain more Legend Tokens is to play the game. Each time you level up, you get 600 Legend Tokens for future use. Leveling up requires a significant chunk of experience points, the amount needed plateauing after level 58. All experience you earn is received by playing matches, whether regular games (“pubs”) or ranked queues.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how to get more experience in a given match:

  • You gain experience for every second you live in the game.
  • Partnering up with a few friends gives you an experience boost of 5% per team member for a total of 10% bonus experience. This bonus only applies to the survival time experience.
  • Kills grant a decent amount of experience each, usually overtaking survival experience for quick, cutthroat matches.
  • Dealing damage also grants experience, albeit very slowly.
  • Reviving and respawning allies grants a decent amount of experience.
  • Killing the game champion (announced at game start) awards an enormous EXP bounty for each group member.
  • Placing in the top 5 teams gives a large EXP amount, tripled if you win the match.
  • The previous bonus can be increased via the seasonal Battle Pass for up to a 300% boost depending on your and your party members’ battle pass level.

Overall, the game heavily emphasizes active gameplay like getting kills and ranking high on the total leaderboard. However, the survival bonus and top 5 team benefits can easily be achieved by putting up a solid defensive position or avoiding a fight until absolutely necessary.

What Happens When You Reach Max Level?

Apex Legends currently has a player-level cap of 500. However, you can still gain experience even after that. Whenever you get experience points that would be enough to level up, you’ll get 600 Legend Tokens, just like a normal level up.

This effectively means you’ll never run out of Legend Tokens since you can get more simply by playing the game.

How to See How Many Legend Tokens You Have

In recent seasons, the UI has been changed slightly to hide the number of Legend Tokens you have from plain sight. Luckily, all you have to do is mouse over the other currencies in the top right corner to reveal a more detailed breakdown. The popup will show how many Legend Tokens you have at your disposal.

What Are Legend Tokens Used For?

There are a few ways to use Legend Tokens:

  • Buying new legends: New legends can either be bought with Legend Tokens (12,000) or 750 Apex Coins. Since Apex Coins are the premium currency, most players opt for Legend Tokens.
  • Skin recolors: The in-game store offers a selection of recolored legendary skins that players can purchase for either 6,500 or 10,500 Legend Tokens (depending on the skin). You need to have the original skin to be able to buy the recolor.
  • Daily quest rerolls: You can also reroll the daily challenges for the season battle pass. Rolling the first time is free. The second roll costs 200 Tokens, the third one costs 500, and every subsequent one costs 1,000 Legend Tokens. The reroll costs refresh alongside daily challenges. (To reroll a challenge, hover, then click the reroll button to its left).

More Tokens, More Legends

Legend tokens are a pivotal in-game currency for new players since they can expand their legend pool. However, you’ll get plenty of tokens as you play the game, so don’t worry about saving them up for the future.

How do you grind for legend tokens? Let us know in the comments below.

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