Apex Legends: Lifeline Reworked in Awakening Collection Event


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The classic Support Legend is finally getting the love she deserves.

Apex Legends: Lifeline Reworked in Awakening Collection Event

Lifeline has been around for basically forever in Apex Legends. The support Legend was part of the original six when the battle royale game first came out in 2019 and has continued to play a vital role in many squad lineups.

The support Legend isn’t terrible, but she wasn’t particularly significant, either. And many fans have been begging for Respawn Entertainment to buff their favorite combat medic for many seasons.

There is a time and place for everything. And if the upcoming Awakening Collection Event is anything to go by, Respawn Entertainment has always had plans on buffing the game’s most famous combat medic. It was only a matter of time.

Lifeline’s Clinic at Olympus

lifeline clinic apex legends lifeline reworked in awakening collection event
Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment

A new point of interest has been in the northeastern corner of Olympus – and it is none other than Lifeline’s Clinic itself. Players can find the building in the middle of Gardens and Grow Towers on the same map.

The most striking feature of the new building is the Med-bay, which players can use to heal up by simply standing in the middle of the bay. One thing to note, though, is that the Med-bay does not guarantee a full heal, and the healing players can get from the Med-bay depends on the amount of charge available.

In addition, players can also get better loot from the same building through the Emergency Platform, where a single-use Care Package console is up for grabs once per game.

Other Med-bay features include a holo-display that indicates when another player is healing and a Med-bay recharging indicator.

Lifeline’s Clinic will become a heated point of contention on Olympus as players scramble to get to max health through the Med-bay and collect valuable loot through the Care Package console in the same building.

Lifeline Buffs

image 155

Lifeline fans will rejoice as their favorite support Legend finally gets the buffs she deserves in the Awakening Collection Event.

Remember how we said Respawn Entertainment had plans to buff Lifeline all along? Yes, this is it. They’ve probably only been waiting for the chance to implement both the Lifeline Clinic and Lifeline’s buffs in the same update.

Combat Revive

  • Moved revive cancel option from Lifeline to the player that’s getting revived.

D.O.C. Heal Drone

  • Healing pool increased from 150 to infinite (still lasts 20s)
  • Doubled the healing radius

Care Package

  • Cooldown reduced from 5 minutes to 3.5 minutes
  • The weapon attachment panel now comes with a Shield Battery instead of two Shield Cells.
  • No blue beam on initial drop (will still show up after the Care Package lands)

The changes are looking really good for Lifeline mains and their lucky teammates. The most eye-catching changes are arguably the D.O.C. Heal Drone’s increased healing pool and healing radius, which now provides uncapped healing potential and double the range.

On the other hand, the Care Package buff is also a very welcome change, which should give Lifeline and her teammates at least one more Care Package per 22-minutes of gameplay.

Lifeline: Awakened

Lifeline’s Clinic and her buffs are arguably the highlights of the Awakening Collection Event, giving the OG support Legend the improvements she needs to stand proud among other support Legends in the game, such as Newcastle.

The Awakening Collection Event will go live on June 21st, which is only a few days away, so keep your eyes peeled for Apex Legends news and updates here on PlayerAssist, so you don’t miss out on any Apex Legends content.

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