Apex Legends Mobile: Hyperbeat Store Cosmetics and Prices Guide


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Wondering what you can buy with all those Hyperbeat Coins?

Apex Legends Mobile: Hyperbeat Store Cosmetics and Prices Guide

Season 2.5 Hyperbeat introduced a new in-game currency called Hyperbeat Coins that players can collect from events such as the Hyperbeat Login Marathon Event. Players who complete that event can get as many as 14,000 Hyperbeat Coins.

You’ve probably been having too much fun playing the mobile version of Crypto with his upgraded Drone and numerous perks, so we can’t fault you for missing out on these Hyperbeat Coins and not knowing where and what you can spend them on.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Hyperbeat Store in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to get Hyperbeat Coins?

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Partake in events found in the Hyperbeat Hub from 8/24/2022-10/19/2022 such as the Eyes in the Sky Crypto Limited-Time Event, Login Marathon Event, the Your Challenge Awaits Event, and the Let’s Jam! Event to collect Hyperbeat Coins.

If you happen to miss any of these events, don’t worry! Three more events are coming soon:

  • Way of the Wolf – 09/15/2022-09/19/2022 (UTC+8)
  • Deathmatch Mayhem – 09/21/2022-09/28/2022 (UTC+8)
  • Stage Break – 10/11/2022-10/19/2022 (UTC+8)
  • Sniper Showcase – 10/05/2022-10/12/2022 (UTC+8)
  • Rhapsody’s Remix – 9/28/2022-10/05/2022 (UTC+8)

Hyperbeat Store

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The Hyperbeat Store is a limited-time shop with exclusive skins and other cosmetic items you can purchase with Hyperbeat Coins.

There are 19 rewards up for grabs from the Hyperbeat Store, all of which require a few thousand Hyperbeat Coins to unlock.

Hyperbeat RewardHyperbeat Coins Required
VIP Pass3000 Hyperbeat Coins
Critical Error Crypto Banner Frame7000 Hyperbeat Coins
Snow Crystal Lifeline Laser Tag Skin10,000 Hyperbeat Coins
The Abyss Weapon Skin9000 Hyperbeat Coins
Checkmate Weapon Skin9000 Hyperbeat Coins
Fully Encrypted Avatar Frame3000 Hyperbeat Coins
Matches Played Crypto Banner Stat Tracker2000 Hyperbeat Coins
Remote Scan Holo Spray3000 Hyperbeat Coins
Counter-culture Bangalore Laser Tag Skin5000 Hyperbeat Coins
Street Sleuth Crypto Laser Tag Skin5000 Hyperbeat Coins
Lava Light Weapon Skin4000 Hyperbeat Coins
Sidekick Drone Charm1000 Hyperbeat Coins
Data Knife Charm1000 Hyperbeat Coins
Keyed-up Crypto Banner Pose2000 Hyperbeat Coins
Lilac Glow Avatar Frame2000 Hyperbeat Coins
Stim Up Banner Frame2000 Hyperbeat Coins
Drop the Beat Banner Pose2000 Hyperbeat Coins
Badge ’em Up Octane Laser Tag Skin3000 Hyperbeat Coins
Common Pack2000 Hyperbeat Coins

Party Currency

Rhapsody’s Party is a month-long event full of exciting missions and rewards that players can partake in to collect the Hyperbeat Coin Seasonal Currency. Check out the Hyperbeat Hub in Apex Legends Mobile to better understand all the available events and rewards you can get from each one.

You can rest assured that almost all of the events found in the Hyperbeat Hub will give out a few thousand Hyperbeat Coins once you complete the required challenges. If you’re looking to get the most Hyperbeat coins from one event, don’t miss out on the Login Marathon event, as that will give you as much as 14,000 Hyperbeat Coins just by logging in daily.

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