Apex Legends Mobile: Legend Perks Explained



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The new feature could make or break Ranked Mode for Apex Legends Mobile fans.

Apex Legends Mobile: Legend Perks Explained

Legend Perks are a sought-after feature that Apex Legends players have long been asking Respawn Entertainment to add to the PC and Console versions of the game. Those cries have since fallen into dead ears, as Respawn Entertainment apparently has different plans for the said feature.

Respawn Entertainment was likely saving these Perks for the mobile version of their popular battle royale game, which was apparent when Season 1 officially launched back in May.

And while Respawn Entertainment has added the feature into the game since day one, they have never enabled it in Ranked Matches; until now.

Legend Perks

Legend Perks are just that – perks that enhance a Legend’s existing abilities through additional effects.

Each Legend will feature its own Perk Tree, which can be unlocked by leveling up each Legend and acquiring Legend-specific tokens. There are three types of Legend Perks in Apex Legends Mobile:

  • Perks
  • Finisher Perks
  • Ability Perks

Players can equip just one perk type per category, which means Legends such as Rhapsody can only have as many as three different perks equipped at any given time – one Perk, Finisher Perk, and Ability Perk. 

It is worth noting, however, that players can create more than one Perk loadout that features your favorite set of Perks for each of your Legends in-game.


The abilities that can be enhanced by Perks will vary from one Legend to another. For the sake of simplicity, we will continue to use Rhapsody as our example.

As mentioned above, players can equip up to one Perk type per Legend. So for Rhapsody, players can choose to equip one of the Perks below:

  • Volume Control – Squadmates affected by Hype Anthem will Gain Gifted Ear
  • Tuned In – Running continuously increases Gifted Ear’s range.
  • Sound Bleed – Gives Rhapsody the ability to see 3D sound visualization effects through walls.

Players can equip just one Perk for every Legend at any given time.

Finisher Perks

As the name suggests, these Perks are tied directly with each Legend’s Finisher and will only activate if a Legend uses their Finisher in battle.

Here are some sample Finisher Perks using Rhapsody as our example once again:

  • Battle Adaptation – Using Finisher adds 100 points to the Evo shield.
  • Tactical Advantage – Using Finisher charges Hype Anthem.
  • Interrogator – Using Finisher reveals the enemy squad’s location on the mini-map.

As you can see from the samples above, using Rhapsody’s Finisher with either one of the Finisher Perks equipped will give the corresponding bonus effects.

So if Rhapsody has the Interrogator Finisher Perk equipped, using her Finisher will reveal the enemy squad’s location on the mini-map.

The same goes for Battle Adaptation and Tactical Advantage. Players can equip just one Finisher Perk at any given time.

Ability Perks

Out of all the Perk types available in Apex Legends Mobile, Ability Perks are potentially the most game-changing perks in-game and are the main reason some players are against the addition of Legend perks in Apex Legends Mobile.

Ability Perks are tied directly with a Legend’s Abilities and can enhance the Legend’s abilities.

Once again, here are some Ability Perks with Rhapsody as our example:

  • Rowdy’s Rhythm – When casting Rowdy’s Rave, Rhapsody’s squadmates gain increased reload speed.
  • Harmony – While under Hype Anthem’s buff, healing item effects and revive speeds are improved.
  • Reverb – Hype Anthem’s duration increases for every squadmate affected by its buff.

Like two of the other Perks types available for every Legend in-game, players can equip one of three Ability Perks to enhance their Legend’s abilities even further.

The Problem With Perks

Players have to grind to unlock every Perk available for their favorite Legends in-game, which means that players who naturally have more time to spend playing Apex Legends Mobile will end up with more powerful Perks for most if not all of their Legends in-game.

With this in mind, we understand why some players have expressed disdain over the Perk mechanic in Apex Legends Mobile. And while it isn’t quite pay-to-win just yet, the Perk mechanic introduces a borderline unfair in-game feature that not every player can easily attain in-game.

Respawn Entertainment knows this fact very well, which is why they have opted to test the waters through a limited-time event that enables Legend Perks for Ranked Games from July 22-24.

Player feedback will likely decide where Respawn Entertainment goes with Legend Perks for the foreseeable future, but you can expect them to add the feature in-game anyway, albeit with some changes to Perk effects to make them less impactful.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one thing that Apex Legends Mobile fans can take away from this limited-time event, it is that Respawn Entertainment listens to their fans, which is ultimately a great thing.

Despite already having the feature in-game, they still opted to test the feature through a limited-time event to avoid shaking up Ranked Mode all of a sudden – also a very good thing.

Nevertheless, Legend Perks can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what the majority of players think. You can decide which side you’re on after trying out the feature in-game from July 22-24.

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