Apex Legends Mobile: Ranked Level/Ranked Points Protectors


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Nobody likes de-ranking, after all.

Apex Legends Mobile: Ranked Level/Ranked Points Protectors

Battle Royale games such as Apex Legends Mobile are best played with a full squad of friends with whom you can easily communicate and coordinate strategies. This way, you can move around and go for objectives on the map, knowing you can depend on your teammates to cover your back anytime.

Unfortunately, not everyone has friends that can immediately play every time those fingers itch for some battle royale action on mobile, which leaves many players solo-queueing and hoping to get a decent set of random teammates instead.

The result is often a mixed bag of players and playstyles that work. Most of the time, this results in a lost game and, by extension, a de-rank or reduced ranked points in Apex Legends Mobile.

Respawn Entertainment knows how difficult it can be when playing with a random set of players in a battle royale game. So for a limited time, players can take advantage of Ranked Level Protectors and Ranked Point Protectors if they ever get caught in a game that does not suit their skill level.

Ranked Level Protector and Ranked Point Protector

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Both Ranked Protectors are given to players to protect Ranked Level and Rank Points should they get into an unlucky match that does not reflect their true skill.

These Protectors can come in handy if you randomly find yourself stuck in the middle of a high-ranking game or the complete opposite – a low-level throw-fest where players run around like headless chickens.

Either way, the Ranked Level Protector and Ranked Point Protector will negate any Level or Point penalties for losing games.

A Second Chance

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From September 17-19, October 8-10, and October 15-17, players can log in and play two Ranked Mode matches to acquire Ranked Point Protectors in Apex Legends Mobile.

On the other hand, logging in daily on any of the three-day dates above will grant you a Ranked Level Protector.

Collect nine Ranked Level Protectors and nine Ranked Point Protectors by logging in and completing two Ranked matches daily. However, players can only collect one of each type of Ranked Protectors per day.

In addition, both Ranked Protectors will expire in seven days when not used, so it is best to use these Protectors and play as many Ranked games as you can daily.

De-rank Protection

Ranked games in Apex Legends Mobile can be very competitive. If you do not have the right teammates doing all the right things, there is a big chance you will fall against other more organized squads when playing Ranked.

For a limited time, you can negate any Level or Point penalty for losing these games in Apex Legends Mobile with the Ranked Level Protector and Ranked Point Protector. Ensure you follow the missions on the dates posted above to collect all eighteen protectors.

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