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The newest Support Legend brings hype and energy to her allies on the battlefield.

Apex Legends Mobile: Rhapsody Abilities Overview

Rhapsody is the newest Legend to arrive in the Apex Legends Mobile roster. Her abilities can give herself and her allies a powerful speed boost, detect incoming enemies from afar, and spawn a large wall that hides her team’s movement.

We have outlined all of Rhapsody’s Abilities to give you a better idea about how each ability works and how they synergize with other Legends in Apex Legends Mobile.

Rhapsody – Rhythm Slinger

Rhapsody is an influential Support Legend who can control and manage engagements in Apex Legends Mobile. Like Fade before her, Rhapsody’s abilities can be used defensively or offensively, depending on her team’s needs.

Passive: Gifted Ear

You pick up sound visualizations from an extended range.

Gifted Ear, Rhapsody’s Passive Ability, gives the Support Legend the ability to start detecting footsteps much sooner than other Legends can through the in-game footsteps indicator.

Other Legends can only start detecting footsteps from 30 meters away. Rhapsody’s Gifted Ear Passive Ability takes that distance further and lets her see footsteps from as far as 50 meters away.

If you think that a 20-meter difference will not amount to much in-game, think again – Rhapsody’s team will already know you are coming before you can even detect their presence on screen or through the footsteps indicator.

The footstep indicator will glow pink when enemies are detected from 50 meters away and turn to default white when they are less than 30 meters from Rhapsody.

Tactical: Hype Anthem

Play a powerful track that speeds up nearby squadmates and restores shields. Taking damage ends the effect.

Rhapsody’s Hype Anthem will regenerate her teammates’ shields by five shield points per second and give them 15% increased movement speed for 10 seconds. The speed boost bonus stacks with other Legends’ speed boost abilities, which means that Legends like Octane can move even faster with the Hype Anthem buff.

However, if any of Rhapsody’s teammates take damage from other players, the Hype Anthem buff will immediately wear off. If Rhapsody damages, the buff will wear off for her entire squad.

Hype Anthem has an effective area of 30 meters and covers Rhapsody in a 360-degree radius.

Cooldown: 25 seconds.

Ultimate: Rowdy’s Rave

Deploy Rowdy to project a 25×10 meter one-way wall that highlights enemies that you have a direct line of sight on in red and allows you to see enemies through Bangalore’s Smoke.

Rhapsody’s Ultimate Ability is a one-way wall projected by her companion bot, Rowdy. Rowdy’s Rave is a slightly curved 25 meters wide and 10 meters tall wall that blocks vision and scan abilities from the outside but does not stop bullets and grenades from penetrating through.

The main party trick of Rowdy’s Rave is its ability to block the enemy’s vision of Rhapsody and her squadmates behind the wall. On the flip side, Rhapsody and her squad can see any enemy on the other side highlighted in red.

Some negatives: Rowdy’s Rave can be stopped by destroying Rowdy through gunfire, and enemies can hear the Rave party from as far as 80 meters away.

Cooldown: 120 seconds (starts as soon as the Rhapsody deploys Rowdy)

Rhapsody Perks

Rhapsody features a few key Perks, Finisher Perks, and Ability Perks that can add buffs to her already powerful skill set.


  • Volume Control – Squadmates affected by Hype Anthem will gain Gifted Ear.
  • Tuned In – Running continuously increases Gifted Ear’s range.
  • Sound Bleed – Gives Rhapsody the ability to see 3D sound visualization effects through walls.

Finisher Perks

  • Battle Adaptation – Using Finisher adds 100 points to the Evo shield.
  • Tactical Advantage – Using Finisher charges Hype Anthem.
  • Interrogator – Using Finisher reveals the enemy squad’s location on the mini-map.

Ability Perks

  • Rowdy’s Rhythm – When casting Rowdy’s Rave, Rhapsody’s squadmates gain increased reload speed.
  • Harmony – While under Hype Anthem’s buff, healing item effects and revive speeds are improved.
  • Reverb – Hype Anthem’s duration increases for every squadmate affected by its buff.

Rhythm & Beat

Some fans and streamers are already calling Rhapsody’s kit ‘broken,’ and we can’t argue with that statement.

Rhapsody’s Gifted Ear ability allows her to detect incoming enemies farther away than usual, making it a powerful tool to help Rhapsody and her team prepare for an incoming engagement. On the other hand, Hype Anthem and Rowdy’s Rave can be used offensively or defensively depending on the situation, giving Rhapsody the flexibility she needs to shine in just about any team composition.

Rhapsody seems like a versatile Legend who can play aggressively or passively depending on her team’s needs. It will only be a matter of time before players can unlock her full potential around Kings Canyon.

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