Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock Crypto



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Crypto is supercharged and ready to roll in Apex Legends Mobile. All that’s left is for you to unlock the Legend in-game.

Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock Crypto

Season 2.5 Hyperbeat brings Crypto in as the 13th Apex Legends Mobile roster member.

While most Apex Legends fans will already be familiar with what Crypto can bring to the table, the presence of perks in Apex Legends Mobile will undoubtedly take the Recon Legend to unseen heights on mobile.

With that said, you will want to know how to unlock Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile, so you can start playing him on the small screen. Learn how to unlock Crypto with the help of this guide.

Crypto Abilities & Perks

Apex Legends fans on the PC and console will be very familiar with Crypto’s Abilities and should have no problems playing him the same way on mobile.

However, it is worth noting that Crypto’s Surveillance Drone received a small yet very important update on Apex Legends Mobile – Surveillance Drone will automatically follow Crypto and scan nearby enemies.

Crypto Abilities

Passive Ability: Neurolink

Tactical Ability: Surveillance Drone

Ultimate: Drone EMP

Crypto Legend Perks

What makes Crypto extra special in Apex Legends Mobile is his host of powerful perks that can greatly enhance his three main abilities in-game.

While the change to Surveillance Drone is a nice touch, Crypto’s host of perks will set him apart from the main game.

Crypto Perks

  • Shut Down– The Ultimate Ability deals damage but will not reduce a character’s Health to below 1.
  • Battle Adaptation – Using your Finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Self Destruct – The Drone will explode 3 seconds after being destroyed, slowing nearby enemies while dealing a small amount of damage to them.

Crypto Finisher Perks

  • Salvage Operation– Drones can pick up items on the ground and deliver them back to Crypto
  • Restart – After using Finisher, if the Drone is on cooldown, its cooldown will be reset instantly, and if not, Ultimate Ability gains 30% Energy.
  • System Scan – When a Drone’s scout effect focuses on a character for more than 3 seconds, the character’s health and Armor will be displayed.

Crypto Ability Perks

  • Lag Bomb – The Drone gains a new Ability that fires an EMP bomb forward, slowing enemies within the bomb’s blast radius while dealing a small amount of damage to them.
  • Interrogator – Using your Finisher reveals the location of your enemy’s Squad on the mini-map.
  • Hide User – When Crypto uses the Drone, he becomes semi-cloaked.

How to Unlock Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile

There are two to unlock Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile – leveling up the Season 2.5 Battle Pass and collecting Crypto Fragments or purchasing Syndicate Gold to buy out the Surveillance Expert in-game.

Unlock Crypto Through Battle Pass

By leveling up the Season 2.5 Battle Pass, players can unlock special rewards and collect Crypto Fragments.

Crypto Fragments are awarded at levels 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25 of the Hyperbeat Battle Pass. A total of 10 Crypto Fragments are needed to unlock The Surveillance Expert.

Unlock Crypto Through Syndicate Gold

Unlocking Crypto through Syndicate Gold is the fastest and easiest way to unlock the classic Apex Legends character in Apex Legends Mobile.

To unlock Crypto, players need to spend 750 Syndicate Gold. Here are the approximate prices in USD.

  • 280 Syndicate Gold – $4.49
  • 935 Syndicate Gold – $14.99
  • 1870 Syndicate Gold – $26.99
  • 2340 Syndicate Gold – $32.99
  • 9365 Syndicate Gold – $129.99

If you want to unlock and play Crypto ASAP, purchasing 935 Syndicate Gold for $14.99 will be the fastest way to acquire Crypto in Apex Legends Mobile.


Apex Legends Mobile fans can unlock Crypto through a free or paid method. Of course, the free method will require players to grind out their Season 2.5 Battle Pass to acquire the Crypto Fragments required to buy out the Legend from the in-game store.

On the other hand, players can also opt just to shell out a couple of extra dollars to purchase Syndicate Gold and purchase Crypto from the Apex Legends Mobile store.

Whichever way you go, you will eventually get your hands on the classic Legend on mobile and experience his newfound power with his buffed Surveillance Drone and Legend Perks.

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