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So you can jam and frag out with the musically-inclined Legend.

Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock New Legend Rhapsody

A few weeks ago, Respawn Entertainment added a new yet familiar Legend to the Apex Legends Mobile roster in the fan-favorite Loba. However, Respawn Entertainment has not let off the gas pedal and has already added another new Support Legend named Rhapsody.

You are probably excited to play the newest Legend, so we have outlined a few ways to unlock Rhapsody in this guide.

Rhapsody Abilities

As a Support Legend, Rhapsody comes with abilities that can give her teammates buffs and reveal enemy locations. Her skill set compliments Legends that like to play aggressively, like Bloodhound and Octane.

With that said, here are Rhapsody’s Abilities:

Tactical Ability – Hype Anthem

Through Hype Anthem, Rhapsody plays an empowering tune that restores 50 Shield points over 10 seconds to nearby allies. While Hype Anthem is active, nearby allies also gain a 15% speed boost, which can stack with other Legends’ speed boost abilities. In addition, Hype Anthem has a 360-degree 30-meter range and a 25-second cooldown.

Players must be careful not to take damage while the buff is active, as taking damage will end Hype Anthem’s effect on that individual player prematurely. However, if Rhapsody is the one that takes damage, the buff will immediately wear off for all her teammates.

Passive Ability- Gifted Ear

Typically, the in-game footstep indicator will only be triggered from distances of at least 30 meters away.

With Rhapsody’s Passive Ability, Gifted Ear, this range extends to 50 meters, giving Rhapsody and her team the ability to detect enemies sooner.

Footsteps detected from 50 meters will glow pink and transition to the default white color when enemy players are 30 meters away.

Ultimate Ability – Rowdy’s Rave

Rhapsody also has a robot buddy named Rowdy, who is responsible for deploying Rhapsody’s Ultimate Ability – Rowdy’s Rave.

When activated, Rowdy will spawn a one-sided 25-meter wide and 10-meter tall wall that highlights players (both allies and enemies) on the outer side of the wall in red.

While the wall is active, Rhapsody and her teammates can shoot and throw utility out of the wall. However, enemies on the other side will not be able to see or shoot through the wall.

This ability lasts 20-seconds and has a cooldown of 90-seconds.

How to Get Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile

All that talk about Rhapsody’s abilities probably made you more excited to play her in-game.

Fortunately, there are two easy ways to get the new Support Legend in Apex Legends Mobile – The Rhapsody Pieces or Syndicate Gold.

Rhapsody Pieces

At Levels 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25, players of the Season 2 Battle Pass, you will be given Rhapsody Pieces, which you have to collect to unlock Rhapsody in-game. A total of 10 Rhapsody Pieces are needed to unlock Rhapsody in-game.

Syndicate Gold

Another way to unlock the new Support Legend is through Syndicate Gold – 750 Syndicate Gold, to be exact.

You can only get Syndicate Gold by spending real money, so you need to have your credit card ready to unlock Rhapsody. However, this method is the fastest way to get the new Legend in-game.

If you do not have the time to grind out Rhapsody through the Battle Pass, buy her out with 750 Syndicate Gold.

How to Unlock Rhapsody with Rhapsody Pieces or Syndicate Gold

With 10 Rhapsody Pieces or 750 Syndicate Gold on hand, follow the steps below to unlock Rhapsody in-game:

  1. On the Apex Legends Mobile home screen, tap on the ‘Legends’ tab:

2. Tap on Rhapsody:

3. Tap on ‘Unlock’:

4. Choose from any of the two options to unlock Rhapsody:

Ecstatic Expressions

Rhapsody brings her flavor of energy and vibe to the battlefield. She is a unique Support Legend that can excite her teammates through her in-game beats, detect footsteps from afar, and provide a powerful one-sided wall that can shield her teammates from incoming damage. In the right hands, this new Support Legend can change how games are played in King’s Canyon.

With that said, we hope you can unlock and play Rhapsody in Apex Legends Mobile with the help of this guide.

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