Apex Legends: Newcastle Abilities Leak, Lore, & more



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Bangalore’s long-lost brother is the newest member of the Apex Legends roster.

Apex Legends: Newcastle Abilities Leak, Lore, & more

Apex Legends Season 13, titled ‘Savior,’ is just a few days away from its May 10 release date. In just a few more days, fans will be able to enjoy a ton of new content, including a new map area in Storm Point that comes with a mini-PvE surprise, a new Battle Pass, and most importantly, a new Legend in Newcastle, among others.

Respawn Entertainment has been teasing the newest member of the Apex Legends roster for a while now. And in the recent Apex Legends: Savior Launch Trailer, fans finally found out who Newcastle is – Bangalore’s long-lost brother, Jackson.

What are Newcastle’s Abilities in Apex Legends?

Through the Apex Legends: Savior Launch Trailer, the recent Stories from the Outlands feature video, and finally, the recently released Season 13 Gameplay Trailer, Apex Legends fans were given a sneak peek into what Newcastle brings to the table.

From what we have seen through the trailers, Newcastle’s abilities revolve around defending and saving allies from harm. Newcastle can wield a collapsable metal shield and other energy-based barriers in the trailers, which he can deploy from his arm and through a remote beacon.

Newcastle Passive Ability: Retrieve the Wounded

Newcastle’s Passive Ability is aptly named: Retrieve the Wounded. Newcastle can shield himself and his downed ally from incoming enemy fire while draining the downed ally to safety using his wrist-mounted shield. Retrieve the Wounded relies on Newcastle’s Knockdown Shield, so the stronger Newcastle’s Knockdown Shield becomes, the better his passive ability works.

In the Savior Launch Trailer, Newcastle can be seen using his passive ability when he dragged a downed Pathfinder to safety while fighting the giant sea monster.

Newcastle Tactical Ability: Mobile Shield

Newcastle’s Tactical Ability, Mobile Shield, is a top to bottom deployable energy shield that Newcastle can reposition as necessary. The shield seems to be large enough to cover at least two Legends at once.

In the Savior Launch Trailer, Newcastle uses the Tactical shield to cover his flank while drags a downed Pathfinder (again) towards safety.

Newcastle Ultimate Ability: Castle Wall

Newcastle is a hero in the truest sense of the word, and it shows in his Ultimate Ability, Castle Wall, as well.

After activating Castle Wall, Newcastle leaps into the sky and slams his signature shield down into the ground, where he spawns a massive steel fortress to serve as cover for him and his teammates. Enemies caught in the slam’s impact will get knocked back, and enemies who dare come close will receive a movement speed debuff.

Newcastle can also cast his Castle Wall on allies. Targeting allies with Castle Wall will allow Newcastle to jump even higher and farther than usual to rescue and assist allies caught in a pinch.

New Hero Landing Soon

Newcastle seems like a defensive-minded Legend with abilities to provide support and cover for his allies. With the Hero of Harris Valley on your team, you can rest assured that he will have your back in every situation.

We bet you are excited for Apex Legends Season 13: Savior. The wait will not be too long now, as the new update will drop this May 10th.

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

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