Apex Legends: Patch 1.94 Patch Notes and Changes


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Apex Legends has recently released Patch 1.94, which comes with bug fixes for the Xbox Series X|S and bug fixes to the newest in-game map; Storm Point.

Apex Legends: Patch 1.94 Patch Notes and Changes

The next-gen console release of Apex Legends was a huge event for Respawn. However, things don’t always go according to plan, as next-gen console Apex Legends fans reported poor performance and compatibility issues on third-party controllers on the Xbox Series X|S.

Some next-gen players were also reporting reduced framerates and poor performance overall – the last thing any competitive gamer wants to experience from a competitive Battle Royale game.

Of course, unhappy fans are the last thing that Respawn Entertainment wants, so they hurriedly released Patch 1.94 to address these issues.

Apex Legends Patch 1.94 Patch Notes

Here are the complete Patch 1.94 Patch Notes for Apex Legends:

  • Fixed issue where Wattson and Pathfinder were unable to place their abilities on Storm Point
  • Fixed FOV bug after completing Bangalore Story Event
  • Fixed third-party controllers not working on Xbox Series X|S
  • Various next-gen console fixes

In addition to these fixes and updates, both Bloodhound and Rampart are now playable in the Firing Range once again.

Lastly, next-gen versions of Apex Legends still do not have the in-game chat enabled as of Patch 1.94. Hopefully, Respawn can finally fix the in-game chat, as this is one of the most important aspects of playing an online team game such as Apex Legends.

For now, next-gen console fans will just have to wait for a fix, which should be coming very soon.

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