Apex Legends Season 13 Gameplay Teaser Reveals Exciting New Legend, PvE, and New Battle Pass


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A new Battlepass, some PvE action, a new Legend, and a giant monster?! Season 13 is going to be wild.

Apex Legends Season 13 Gameplay Teaser Reveals Exciting New Legend, PvE, and New Battle Pass

Image Credits: Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

A new Apex Legends is on the horizon – Season 13: Saviors is only a few days away from its scheduled release on May 10. To spice things up before primetime, Respawn Entertainment has released a Gameplay Trailer teasing new content and, of course, the latest Legend – Newcastle.

What’s new for Apex Legends Season 13?

Storm Point Update

The latest gameplay trailer for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors brings us to Storm Point, or at least what’s left of it after a giant sea monster attacked the island.

The Downed Beast, as the new location is named in-game, is sandwiched between two highly contested loot areas: The North Pad and The Mill. Players can enter the Downed Beast through its mouth or the four other would openings via the Gravity Cannons or Ziplines.

The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation has long-established several dormant Armories around Storm Point. The seismic activity related to the emergence of the giant sea monster has triggered these installments, which now serve as loot spots with an exciting twist – entering the IMC Armories will trigger a 60-second PvE battle against Spectre robots. During the duration of the PvE fight, other players cannot enter the IMC Armories.

In a media preview last week, Respawn Entertainment’s Senior Game Designer, Samantha Kalman, said that the loot inside the IMC Armories ‘scan’ for the player’s inventory and appropriately provides upgrades relative to the players’ current gear.

The added PvE gameplay element within Storm Point should give fans a new and exciting experience around one of Apex Legends’ largest maps.

New Legend: Newcastle

In the Gameplay Trailer for Apex Legends Season 13: Saviors, Respawn Entertainment teased some in-game footage of Newcastle’s abilities. The newest Legend is the namesake for Season 13, after all, and so his abilities are appropriately built around ‘saving’ and ‘defending’ teammates from their enemies.

Newcastle showed off a few shields in the trailer, most notably a giant steel shield fortress that he can plant into the ground to serve as cover from enemy fire. His other abilities seem to be a retrieval-based shield that he can use to safely drag allies into safety and another barrier ability that Newcastle can throw onto the ground to project a tall concave energy shield for cover.

The Hero of Harris Valley is well equipped to serve as the namesake for Apex Legends Season 13. We’re excited to see what he brings to the table.

Season 13 Battle pass

Of course, no new Apex Legends season is complete without a new Battlepass to complement it.

Cosmetic skins complete the teased content coming in Apex Legends Season 13, and based on the gameplay trailer, new skins for Mad Maggie, Newcastle, and Fuse were revealed, along with a fresh new skin for the Light Machine Gun, Spitfire.

Leave No Man Behind

An exciting new Apex Legends season is upon us. Based on the newly released gameplay trailer for Season 13, the new map elements, new Legend, and the new Battle pass will make any Apex Legends drool and lose sleep over anticipation for the new Apex Legends Season.

Buckle up! Apex Legends Season 13: Savior is coming this May 10th.

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