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Are you tired of playing the same six characters again and again in Apex Legends? Unlock the rest of the roster through this guide.

Apex Legends: How to Unlock Legends in Apex Legends

Every Battle Royale game that has come out in the last few years has tried its best to differentiate gameplay from one another. For example, PUBG has that classic first-person/third-person shooter vibe, while Fortnite offers a build mode where players can build structures around the map.

Of course, Apex Legends added unique flair and flavor to the battle royale genre through characters with unique abilities known as ‘Legends.’

New Apex Legends players are given six playable characters to choose from. The rest of the characters in the Apex Legends roster can be unlocked by amassing two unique in-game currencies.

How to Unlock Legends in Apex Legends

To unlock more Legends in Apex Legends, you will need to acquire in-game currency known as Apex Coins (Paid) or Legend Tokens (Free).

Apex Coins

Just want the quickest and most hassle-free method of acquiring new Legends in Apex Legends? Buy some Apex Coins and call it a day. Apex Coins is Apex Legend’s in-game currency that can be used to acquire various items from the in-game Store – Legends included.

Each Legend costs just 750 Apex Coins. The minimum amount of Apex Coins that players can purchase is 1,000 Apex Coins, valued at $9.99. 

If you believe in the saying “time is gold,” then unlocking Legends through the Apex Coins route will be your fastest and safest bet. 

Legend Tokens

Love the feeling of grinding through your games to unlock characters and exclusive in-game skins? Then playing tons of matches in Apex Legends to collect Legend Tokens shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Players are awarded 600 Legend Tokens each time they level up in Apex Legends. Legend tokens can then be used to buy Legends and Legend-Token Exclusive skins from the in-game Store.

Legends cost 12,000 Legend Tokens each, so you will have to grind at least 20 levels before you can afford your next new Legend from the in-game Store.

How to farm Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

To give you a better idea about how the game rewards players Legend Tokens here in-game, here are a few instances:

  • Simply surviving in a match grants 3 XP per second;
  • For every 4 HP damage you deal towards enemies, you will be awarded 1XP;
  • Becoming the ‘Kill Leader’ grants another 50 XP on top of the damage-dealt XP reward;
  • Each kill is worth 50 XP;
  • Reviving allies gives 25 XP;
  • Respawning allies give out 200XP;
  • Entering the top five will grant 500XP plus an additional 900XP if you win the match;
  • Killing the previous game’s Champion also grants 500XP;

The More the Merrier

We understand that not everybody is willing to spend their hard-earned cash on a video game. Then again, others spend thousands on in-game items for their favorite games.

Whichever side of the fence you are on, having the choice between paying for or grinding to unlock new Legends in-game is nice in Apex Legends.

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