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In a fast-paced tactical game like Apex legends, a character needs to be dynamic and well-versed in both attacking and defensive aspects of the game. That’s exactly what Bloodhound is.

How to Use Bloodhound in Apex Legends

This character is a ‘tracker’, which means that it can naturally track the footprints and clues left by their rivals, before surprising them with an aggressive ambush.

A good tracker will share this knowledge with their team, providing crucial advantage in close matches. Of course, to fully enjoy this legend, you should learn to use abilities to their maximum potential. How? Keep reading to find out.

Why Is Bloodhound a Good Pick?

Bloodhound has a great blend of tactical and defensive abilities and is one of the legends that let you fully embrace the game.

This legend will improve your reflexes and in-game decisiveness, especially with the timing of activating abilities. It is also satisfying to know that you’re one step ahead of your foes, gathering clues and picking up the pieces of their whereabouts.

The only downside to Bloodhound is that it doesn’t have an escape plan other than the ultimate ability, which is always better when used on the offensive.

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Track Your Prey with Passive Ability

When used properly, Bloodhound’s passive called ‘Tracker’ is one of the best in the game. You’ll enter a detective mode of sorts if you arrive at a place that your enemies left recently (less than 90 seconds ago).

You’ll get notifications of all the actions that occurred prior to your arrival in the area – picking up or dropping loot, using doors, bleeding, footprints, and others. This can help you get a clue on your rival’s whereabouts, their equipment, and numbers.

On the other hand, this ability can also benefit your team – but only if you utilize it properly. Since your teammates can’t see what you see, you need to either ping the points of interest on the map or use voice chat to describe the actions of your rivals.

Pro tip: Don’t waste too much time analyzing the clues. In the fast-paced environment of this game, it’s easy to lose focus and every wasted second can be fatal. Try to treat it for what it is – a passive ability.

Become Aware of Your Surroundings with Tactical Ability

Bloodhound’s tactical ability ‘Eye of the Allfather’ is a double-edged sword and you need skill and experience to use it properly. This ability emits a short-range radiating pulse to reveal any clues, foes, traps, and other nearby activity.

Likewise, the pulse will reveal your location too. All the players (enemies and friends) will know your whereabouts, so you’ll essentially blow your cover. Use this ability when you have offensive momentum instead of when you’re defending.

Since the pulse passes through the terrain and other obstacles, you can use it tactically to reveal activates on the other side of the wall with enough time to run away from the spot before your foes can catch up and kill you. The pulse radiates only in the direction of your view, so always make sure you’re facing a proper direction.

Pro tip: ‘Eye of the Allfather’ goes perfectly with smoke, gas, and other vision-altering devices and abilities. Combine this tactical ability with abilities of other legends on your team, such as Bangalore and Caustic (smoke canisters and Nox gas) to gain a substantial advantage over your enemies.


Go Berserk with the Ultimate

The ‘Beast of the Hunt’ is Bloodhound’s ultimate and it’s the moment where all your hunting, tracking, and clue-gathering abilities reach their climax. Once you use it, your whole screen will turn gray for a short time, with clues and enemies shining red so you can spot them easily.

You’ll become extremely fast, and unless you’re fighting another Bloodhound, there’s no way any rival can outrun you. Like with tactical ability, you’ll be able to see through smoke and other obstacles, which makes hunting down the enemy even easier.

Although the ultimate is the most effective when used during the offensive, you can use it to run away from a tight spot, especially since you can swiftly dash to the left and right and avoid bullets from your enemies.

Due to its high speed and efficiency, this ability is the perfect combat-starter, and gives you a significant advantage, especially in team fights. It also allows Bloodhound to chase those who are fleeing for safety and finish them off.

Pro tip: This devastating ability doesn’t last long. Use it only when you’re sure that you’ll engage in a fight, and don’t hesitate. Once the beast blood starts boiling, try to utilize it to the maximum. Also, be aware of the diminishing effects over time, as you might get caught behind enemy lines if you’re unaware how long the ability lasts.

More Tips for Playing Bloodhound

Bloodhound is a tracker, so it (Respawn confirmed that the character is non-binary) can play tactically and defensively, but excels when you’re on the offensive. Since you’re usually one step ahead, you can flank your enemies, catch them off-guard, move around them, and ambush groups with your ultimate.

Good communication is vital for a Bloodhound player, and even if you don’t use voice chat, keep pinging and chatting with your teammates to inform them about the potential activities of your rivals. This will give your team the upper hand, especially before larger battles.

In the end, the most important trait of a Bloodhound player is decisiveness. If you’re unsure whether you should use your tactical or ultimate, or you don’t know which path to take after your passive reveals certain clues, you’re bound to fail with this legend. Instead, trust your guts and don’t hesitate.

Hunting Is Fun!

At the moment of this writing, Bloodhound is one of the most entertaining legends in the game. Like all the best legends, its abilities allow you to be tactically flexible, as you can just as easily beat your enemies to a pulp and run away to heal and regroup.

Once you master the character and its abilities, you are guaranteed countless epic matches.

Is Bloodhound your favorite Apex Legends character? If not, who is and why? Share your opinions in the comment section.

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