Aragami Receives Community Update and Assassin Masks DLC; Patch Notes Inside


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Over the past few months Aragami developer, Lince Works, has been teasing some upcoming additions to its stealthy ninja game. Turns out that the same day it reveals all the updates is the day it’ll go live! The update should automatically start downloading when you turn on the PS4 or by pushing the options button on the title and selecting ‘check for update.’
First up is twelve new character skins which are usable in all aspects once earned. They can be unlocked by acquiring chapter medals and beating Aragami on different difficulties. Which is also new to the update. There will be new easy and hard difficulties with the latter featuring faster and more perceptive enemies with new patrol routes. Other changes include added checkpoints, redesigned chapter stats, and score systems. You can check out the full PS4 and PC patch notes below.
NEW: New SKINS menu lets you customize Aragami with new clothes and assassin masks.
* NEW: Added 3 difficulty modes and redefined default difficulty.
* NEW: Redesigned the Ranking and Score systems.
* MISC: Removed Sora automatically finding Aragami.
* MISC: Improved performance on some chapters by enabling experimental graphic optimizations.
* MISC: Hikaru’s vision range is now progressive.
* MISC: Enemy vision range in ALERT is now progressive once they’ve lost the player.
* MISC: Increased Shadow Range intensity.
* MISC: Added new checkpoint on Chapter 12.
* MISC: Moved the default save location and fixed Steam Cloud sync. Your saves should copy to the new location automatically. New locations are as follow:
** Windows: %USERPROFILE%/AppData/LocalLow/Lince Works/Aragami/
** OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Lince Works/Aragami/
** Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Lince Works/Aragami
* FIX: Reduced explosive light lethal radius.
* FIX: Red bushes now cover against archers.
* FIX: Sound should not travel to other ‘rooms’ now.
* FIX: Modified the scarf physics so that it doesn’t get stuck with the sword (so much).
* FIX: Killing the last enemy in a zone will now end the area alert.
* FIX: Multiplayer – Invisible warriors in Chapter 7 cinematic.
* FIX: Multiplayer – Minor fixes
* Plenty of other fixes.

Aragami Receives Community Update and Assassin Masks DLC; Patch Notes Inside

Aragami is developed by Lince Works and was released back in October to critical praise. Do you plan on enjoying the new update? Let us know what skins you’re hoping to earn and if you’re going to take on the new difficulties.

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