Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Petuaria Ruins Book and Key


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In Valhalla there are many unique abilities which will help you on your journey through this rough world. Each is unique and can be collected from certain hidden locations, as books of knowledge.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Petuaria Ruins Book and Key

In Petuaria Ruins there is a book of knowledge which will give you the Poisonous Powder Trap. It will basically attach a pouch to your arrows that explodes upon impact into a poisonous mist!

On top of that there is a key hidden somewhere in these ruins which will be helpful if you want to open a chest in Eurvicscire.

Petuaria Ruins Book and Key – Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

It can be difficult to get to both the book of knowledge and the key, so follow the steps carefully.

How to get book of knowledge and key at Petuaria Ruins in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla:

Book of Knowledge:

  1. Go to the Petuaria Ruins:assassins creed valhalla petuaria ruins book and key
  2. There will be a huge underground opening with planks, break the planks and go in.
  3. Slide through the small hole in the wall. Dive in the water and go to the other side.
  4. Take an explosive pot and destroy the door on the left from where you came. Take another pot and go through the exact same door, it will bring you to where you came from.
  5. Break the door where the water is. You can do so by throwing the pot.
  6. Move the shelf and then explode the gas with a torch. The book of knowledge will be in the right corner of the room!

Chest Key

  1. You must do this one on a quest of the Eurvicscire arc to have Hafdan there to help you with a door. Otherwise, it cannot be done.
  2. Go to the room where you got the explosive pots.
  3. Take a right and look for a red door on you valhalla petuaria ruins book and key
  4. Break the door with Hafdan and the key will be on a table inside!

That’s it! It’s pretty straightforward once you know what to do. This location isn’t as puzzleling as some other ones where you feel as though you’re in a maze.

Nonetheless, use the Poisonous Powder Trap well! As for the chest key that you’ve found, we don’t know exactly for which chest in Eurvicscire. It’s probably for one in the ruins, but above ground.

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