Battlefront Studio DICE Loses Star Wars License to Respawn Entertainment


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It looks like DICE’s Star Wars days are over.

Battlefront Studio DICE Loses Star Wars License to Respawn Entertainment

Despite being able to pick up Star Wars Battlefront II after a botched release, DICE will no longer be working on another Battlefront title.

According to Venture Beat, EA is movie all of their Star Wars IP to Respawn and DICE will instead be focusing on the next Battlefield game. Over at Respawn, three Star Wars games have been announced: the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order; a first-person shooter from the team behind Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond; and a turn-based tactics game with studio Bit Reactor.

Last year it was actually reported by insider Tom Henderson that DICE had pitched a third Battlefront game, but it was shut down by EA over licensing cost:

This will surely be a blow for some Battlefront fans, especially those who stuck with DICE while they were trying their best to salvage the game. Despite the stumble upon release, the studio was able to add enough DLC expansions and characters that were a massive improvement on 2015’s Battlefront.

Maybe EA will revisit the multiplayer option in the future, but as it stands, while Star Wars is still on the down-low thanks to the pandemic (and many other reasons), the IP may not be a good investment for massive Triple A games. Hopefully we get something around the next theatrically released movie.

We have no release date for Respawn’s Star Wars shooter, but you can play Star Wars Battlefront II on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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