Overwatch Year of the Tiger Event Officially Launches!



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Move over Christmas, because the Chines Lunar New Year is coming to Overwatch. Just in, we have a new trailer launching the event, and it gives us a great look at some new incoming cosmetics.

Overwatch Year of the Tiger Event Officially Launches!

Watch this:

Celebrate a roar-some new year with festive rewards and cosmetics. Overwatch Year of the Tiger is NOW LIVE!

For this year, we only have two new Legendary skins for Tracer and Mercy, but three Epic skins will be made available for Ashe, Soldier: 76, and Wrecking Ball via weekly challenges. Even if that’s only five skins total players will still get access to years’ worth of old legendary skins at a much cheaper price.

As for emotes, we have two new ones for Widowmaker and Genji, and one new highlight intro for Zenyatta.

Though the state of Overwatch 2 is still kind of up in the air, fans can still have fun with the first Overwatch game. Admittedly the game has gotten a lot of different changes over the years (for better or worse), but the characters are still fun, and the overall lore surrounding them just adds to the unique flavour of Overwatch. When are we getting the Arcane-level animated adaptation, Blizzard??

For a complete look at the new cosmetics coming to the game, you can visit here.

Overwatch Year of the Tiger will be running from Jan. 25–Feb. 15. Overwatch is now playable for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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