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Apex Legends is this years’ fastest growing game. Having been launched in February 2019, it has rapidly become our Battle Royale game of choice and is set to topple both PUBG and Fortnite from the top. If you’re just starting out, some of the game is the same while some of it is very different. That’s why we put together these top tips to take you from beginner to champion in Apex Legends.

How To Become a Champion in Apex Legends

It takes practice to become a champion in Apex Legends but anything is possible if you work hard enough. With the tips in this tutorial and lots of practice in Outland, you’ll be climbing your way to the top in no time!

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Apex Legends is a team game. You play in teams of three either friends or randoms. You can use voice chat or the ingenious ping system to communicate and keep each other up to date. While it is a loot shooter, you will go further and get more kills if you share the loot.

We all have different playstyles and the many different weapons in Apex Legends can suit. If you’re fully kitted out and find good loot, ping it for your teammates. If you need ammo or a particular attachment, ping it to let your team mates know. If you see enemies ping them. You get the idea.

Support kit is as important as ammo

You will notice a range of support loot around the map as you play as well as weapons, ammo and attachments. While you should always prioritize ammo, save some room for medkits, Phoenix kits, shield cells and the like. You will need them if you are to recover after a firefight.

Remember to ping these items if you see them and have your fill too. A well equipped team stands a much better chance of becoming champion in Apex Legends.

Always be looking

Whether you’re looking for loot, enemies, places to hide or jump, you should always be looking around you in Apex Legends. Enemies are everywhere and the action is fast and furious. If you’re caught napping, you’re going to be reloading into a new game within seconds.

Never relax, never chill out, never be complacent. Battle Royal games require constant attention and keeping your eyes on stalks for the entire match.

Get to know your guns

As you would expect, guns play a pivotal role in gameplay in Apex Legends. Your Legend may have special powers but it still comes down to throwing lead in the end. Get to know the weapons and the different types.

Make sure you know what ammo type you need for what weapon and only collect that type. Also, learn which guns are automatic and which are semi. You would be amazed at the number of players who will fire three rounds and then stop as they are using a semi-automatic and didn’t realize. Don’t fall into that trap as it never ends well!

Get to know your Legend

The same can be said for getting to know your Legend’s special skills. Each is different and can be a gamechanger in the right situations and pointless in the wrong ones. Get to know all your skills, especially your ultimate and learn the best times to use them. To become a champion in Apex Legends, you need to know your character inside and out.

Ping is your friend

I mentioned ping before and it is well worth mentioning again. It is the single best thing about this BR game over others. You should ping everything of note during a match. Make sure it is relevant, but ping blue or purple loot, any ammo a teammate has requested, ping enemies and request items if you need something specific.

There is more to ping though. If you hold down the ping button, you will access a radial menu with lots of actions on it. Use these actions to tell your teammates what you’re doing, where you’re going or to watch out for enemies. It will change your game completely.

Pick your targets

Just because you see an enemy doesn’t mean you have to shoot at them. I have played lots of matches where I have pinged an enemy and teammates have opened fire right away. They didn’t check range, didn’t check terrain or buildings and forgot that there could be two other teammates around.

If you see a target and you don’t think they have seen you, assess the situation and engage if you think you’ll win or move on if you don’t. Just because they are there, it doesn’t mean you have to take them on. Sometimes discretion really is the better part of valor.

Those are some tips for becoming champion in Apex Legends. The game is a whole lot of fun and more about the experience than the leader board but we all want to be winners don’t we?

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