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With so many games popping up within the crypto space, it can be pretty hard to pick those worth your time and money. The problem is that a lot of today’s games are not playable up until you invest quite the sum upfront. The good news is there are some free crypto games to play out there, and one of these is Dragonary.

How To Begin Playing Dragonary For Free

Unlike other popular NFT blockchain games, Dragonary is entirely free to start. Aside from that, you also do not need to set up any crypto wallets or even install browser extensions to play the game. It is an excellent opportunity to earn and to have fun at the same time. If you want to dive into the action soon, here is a quick guide on getting started.

Play Dragonary For Free

The very first step you need to make is to create a Coinary account. This is where you will manage your tokens earned in Dragonary. You can create a Coinary account using your Facebook or Gmail accounts, but the developers are planning on adding Steam integration. This process should not take any longer than a few minutes.

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All you need to do next is install the game client on the device you are using. Currently, you can play the game on Android, Windows, and macOS devices. Sadly, iOS devices can not run the game yet, but the developers are working on a means to bring the game to iPhones.

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With the game downloaded, you have to run the program and then create an account to play with. Your Dragonary account is different from your Coinary account. However, you can still create a Dragonary account by integrating your Facebook or Gmail accounts with the game as well. This is highly recommended as it is a hassle-free way to start playing the game.

Once you are in the game, you can start by using the free dragons you have for your account. Every new player is given a team of three dragons to begin playing the game. You can check out what your dragons are by going to the Cards menu and checking from there. Free dragons are not impressive, but they can get you through the early game nonetheless.

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Congratulations! Now, you are well on your way to playing and earning through Dragonary. It is a simple and fun game that requires a lot of strategies. As it is free to begin, it is a risk-free way of earning money on the side without spending a lot of money, unlike in other crypto games. All you need to do next is to master the game and begin expanding your tips.

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