Top 10 Best Natural 2/3 Star Healers in Summoners War



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Hello folks, today I will be compiling my list of the best nat 2 and 3 star healers in the game. I suggest you use some of them until you are able to get the better nat 4/5 healers. Some of them even stay in your team till the end of time!

Top 10 Best Natural 2/3 Star Healers in Summoners War

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10) Rina – Water Epikion Priest


Rina used to be the most annoying monster to deal with in the arena back when Summoners War started out. Since then, she has been reduced to a water tank for dungeons and can be used to soak up damage in wind dungeons and also heal your teammates. Her heal is actually decent with a 3 turn cool down and can be spammable if she is quick.

9) Lulu – Water Howl


Lulu is a great healer. She has 2 AoE heals. One targets everyone and cleanses BEFORE healing. Her other heal only targets an ally and herself. If you are looking for a good pure healer early game, she does her job very well. I recommend that you use her to get you through the early dungeons before you have a strong farmer. Keep her at 4 stars and feed her later once you get better healers.

8) Rakaja – Wind Yeti


Rakaja is also another early game healer. His heal is strong when everyone is alive. Since all your monsters are always alive most of the time, the healing is great. He can also be used as a substitute healer for Giants B10 if you don’t have the Wind Slyphid, Wind Sky Dancer or Water Neostone Agent. Keep in mind Rakaja’s heal drops once a few of your allies die.

7) Rebecca – Fire Mystic Witch


Rebecca recently got a buff and now her heal cleanses and then heals for a minimum of 15% + bonus heal if a debuff is cleansed. She also provides continuous damage and AoE defense debuff, so she is quite a useful support. If you are looking at a pure healer, there are better options.

6) Vigor – Water Werewolf


Now, Vigor’s heal isn’t all that impressive since it only heals 15% for the team on a 4 turn cooldown. However, he provides the all important speed up, which is very useful in the arena. He also acts as a defense debuffer against a single target and the damage is great if you runed him Rage/Blade(Hp%/Crit D%/Hp%).

5) Talc – Water Mammoth


Talc is an awesome defensive healer. Since the AoE heal also provides a defense buff, your monsters also take less damage for the next 2 turns. You will want to get as much health as possible on Talc since his heal scales with hp. An average Talc heal with decent runes would be around 3-4k, which is decent considering you get the defense debuff.

4) Ahman – Light Bearman


Ahman has dropped in value ever since people found out more about Belladeon. He is still a very useful healer though. It is just hard for newbies to get him to 100% critical rate for him to heal every round. Plus, he won’t heal if he gets the glancing debuff on him. But once you rune him Violent/Blade(Hp%/Crit R%/Hp%) with decent speed, he has the potential to heal 9-10k per turn when violent procs. He is still a viable healer for Dragons B10 and also regular dungeons, so feel free to build him up.

3) Konamiya – Water Garuda


Konamiya is one of my favorite healers. His cleanse heal is only 15%, but at a 3 turn cooldown and the resurge ability, you can heal almost every other turn. If he is runed Violent/Energy(Spd/Hp%/Hp%), his heals will be very good and VERY often. He is also very useful in rift raids as his cleanse works wonders there. High level players use him for rift raids. You will need resistance though. Max this guy, even if he is a 2 star.

2) Colleen – Fire Harpu


Colleen used to be left on the shelf for most players. Ever since Com2us buffed her heal to 25% + a 3 turn attack buff on 3 turn cooldown, she becomes a hot property for offensive teams. You literally have attack buff up every single round. She also has multi hits on the first and second skill, making her very useful in Necropolis as she can break the Lich King’s shield.

1) Belladeon – Light Inugami


Belladeon is one of the best healers the game has to offer. His 30% AoE heal comes with a 30% attack bar increase for the entire team. He can remove beneficial effects and apply defense debuff. His kit is so good that many end game players use her everywhere. With a Violent/Revenge(Spd/Hp%/Hp%) set, she can heal very often and also provide the utility for your team. Please get her as soon as you can from the secret dungeon during Hall of Light days.

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