Pocket Mortys Guide: Tips and Tricks



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Pocket Mortys is a game based off the popular game Pokemon. You collect a bunch of mortys of all kinds and battle them. Much like Pokemon, you got to battle “Council of Ricks” before facing the big boss. Along the way, you try to capture all kinds of rare mortys.

Pocket Mortys Guide: Tips and Tricks

Game Basics

Pocket Mortys

Just like Pokemon, your morty gets to learn different moves. It is a free exploring world and you get to battle other trainers who have other mortys that are ready to take you on. Your goal is to fill up that collection of mortys. The strength and weaknesses of a morty goes like this:

Rock > Scissors > Paper > Rock

There are also neutral skills that have no bonus advantages over any type of morty.

Always Attack Wild Mortys

Wild Mortys are easy to fight and capture. They always come in a single battle. As long as you can get his health bar to red, you can always capture them using the Morty Manipulator Chip. Defeating them also yields you the same amount of schmeckles against other human opponents, so it is worth every penny.

Don’t Fight All Opponents

Some times you get overwhelmed by many humans wanting to fight you. You can avoid certain battles by taking other routes. As long as they don’t see you, some battles can be avoided.

The Campaign

The Council of Ricks is the main story of the game. If you can defeat all of the Ricks, you have the ability to escape a dungeon at any time. This is always handy.

Always Heal 

Make sure to heal at the healing center every chance you get. You don’t want to fight with 1/2 health in a hard dungeon.

Collect Badges

You have to collect badges at the end of every dimensional dungeon. The more badges you collect, the harder the game gets. Skipping too many opponents will results in your mortys being under leveled and you will have a hard time getting past certain stages.


These are gotten via Council Ricks or solving a quest. They are rare but you will get about 10 or so over the course of the campaign. Each coupon will give you a morty plus some goodies. Use them to strengthen your team.

Blitz and Chitz

This is your sales shop that is available in the menu screen. He sells all sorts of items that can help your morty. Most of them are healing and ap recovery items. As you level higher, more items are unlocked. The prices are quite expensive in the beginning stages of the game, but it gets easier overtime when you get more schmeckles per battle.

The Morty Daycare

When you have too many mortys, its a good idea to put some in the day care. I recommend at least 1 rock/paper/scissor morty in there.


It takes two of the same morty to evolve it to the next level. Upgrade it whenever you can. You can do this at the day care center.


Pocket Morty is a fun game to play to past time. Enjoy it! Now go out there and start collecting your Mortys!


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