Best Armor Sets for God of War: Ragnarok


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Learn about the best armor sets for God of War: Ragnarok based on your personal play style!

Best Armor Sets for God of War: Ragnarok

Though Kratos is a formidable fighter on his own in God of War Ragnarok, the game encourages him to get constant upgrades, not just for the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos, but also for armor.

Since every player likes to approach the game differently, each armor set has different perks and enchantments that could either buff or nerf Kratos on specific stats from HP to damage. What’s important is that the player be aware of their specific playstyle with Kratos. That way, they’ll know exactly what armor to equip him with.

Nidavellir Armor Set from God of War Ragnarok
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For People Early in the Game: Nidavellir Armor Set

This armor set is considered one of the first you can complete in the game, and it pretty much rewards players for doing missions outside of the main story. The armor set grants health to Kratos for stun-grabbing foes and reduces the rate at which the stun bars drain, so you can constantly heal yourself while taking on enemies.

How to Obtain Nidavellir Armor

Early in the game, Kratos and Atreus will visit the realm of Nidavellir. After going through the waterwheel block puzzle, the armor becomes accessible. Mimir will prompt you to start the quest In Service to Asgard. During this quest, you must destroy three mining rigs around the map.

Each destroyed rig will provide you with Nidavellir Ore. You can take it to the Huldra brothers, who will use it to craft the Nidavellir armor set.

Lunda's Armor Set from God of War Ragnarok

For the Mid-Game: Lunda’s Armor Set

Though the guide’s first armor set comes from the Huldra brothers, this next comes from another dwarven smith in the game, Lunda. Lunda’s armor set is very proficient in poisoning enemies. This is because you can inflict poison whenever you block, parry, or use unarmed attacks. It also increases damage done to poisoned enemies and boosts strength and luck.

How to obtain Lunda’s Armor Set

You’ll essentially meet Lunda in Freyr’s camp, and she’ll set you off to complete the labor of Lunda’s Lost Armor. The quest can be completed in Vanaheim, and all the different locations of the armor will be marked on the map.

Guiding Light Armor Set from God of War Ragnarok

For Offensive Players: Guiding Light Armor Set

One major plot point of God of War Ragnarok is the finding of Tyr, and the Guiding Light armor set is meant to be connected to him. What the set of armor does is it boosts strength and luck, making all your attacks stronger while giving you the chance to provide extra damage depending on the variety of hits, whether it be a boost in strength, luck, or runic—it also adds the chance to make a critical-hit explosion with every blow you land.

How to obtain Guiding Light Armor Set

The pieces of the Guiding Light armor set are all found in Midgard, and finding them is part of the Guiding Light favor that you can fulfill in the Lake of Nine. The favor will have you looking for runes and messages that Tyr has left behind in the realm on his destroyed statue. Next to each is a piece of treasure glinting gold. These glinting gold pieces are the Guiding Light armor pieces for you to collect.

Steinbjorn Armor Set from God of War Ragnarok
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For Defensive Players: Steinbjorn Armor Set

While some players like to take risks and go out with the combat, others like to preserve their HP as much as possible. For a more defensive build, it’s suggested that you acquire the Steinbjorn Armor set. This set will turn Kratos into a walking tank.

The armor is said to grant so much defense that the UI can’t even show it onscreen. Plus, it releases a shockwave whenever Kratos gets damaged and can lifesteal from enemies.

How to obtain the Steinbjorn Armor Set

This set can only be acquired after you receive the Drapnir Spear. Go back to Midgard in the Lake of Nine. Southwest of the temple by the Lost Treasury, you will find some breakable ice and the Mystical Heirloom.

Use this item to awaken these four frozen troll statues spread across the realms (Midgard, Vanaheim, and Alfheim). They should drop The Slumber Stones after they’re defeated, and you can use these to have the Steinbjorn armor crafted.

Berserker Armor Set from God of War Ragnarok
via: GamesRadar

For the Best Post-Game Armor: Berserker Armor Set

If the first game had Kratos dealing with Valkyries, God of War Ragnarok would have Kratos taking down the Berserker Knights, which will grant the infamous Berserker Armor set. The armor is said to grant a great boost in strength and defense. Additionally, hitting enemies will give you a low chance of causing a Soul Explosion. Blocking, parrying, and getting damaged will also cause a bigger chance to earn a Soul Explosion.

Be careful, though, because the armor set will damage Kratos more. This means you get better offensively, but the player must be good at not getting hit.

How to obtain the Berserker Armor Set

The armor is earned by defeating specific Berserker’s in the Berserker Gravestone challenge. Specifically, Svipdagr the Cold and the Sisters of Illska, Skjothendi the Unerring, and Fraekni the Zealous.

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Atreus talks to Sindri, the dwarven armorer from God of War Ragnarok

Everyone’s Different

When talking about the best armor sets, it depends on how the player tackles God of War: Ragnarok. While it would be advantageous for players to deal more damage and get hit less, maybe players who need accessibility would like armor that would save them from receiving so much damage when the controls don’t come as easy to them.

What’s great is you can mix and match the effects of specific armor in the game, and you don’t always have to stick to the sets. The sets are just there to suggest an optimal combo, but it will ultimately be up to the player just what kind of Kratos they want to build for their playstyle.

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