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Learn about the best farm to choose in Stardew Valley!

The Best Farm to Choose in Stardew Valley

Everyone has their preference for where to cultivate their farm in Stardew Valley. The game will have you pick from seven farm types, each with unique traits and a visually appealing landscape, so you might have a bit of an ordeal choosing which one suits you best.

While you might have difficulty choosing the best farm you can decide on; all the maps have different perks and layouts that will tell you which is more favorable. In this article, we will introduce all seven farm types and their qualities that can be advantageous or inconvenient to your whole farming experience.

Standard Farm

BestFarm Standard

The Standard Farm has the most straightforward layout in Stardew Valley. This farm has 3,247 tiles to grow crops and 235 tiles with infertile soil, although you can still situate farm buildings in those areas.


The map is spacious enough to be filled with crops. Owning a farm with evenly shaped areas is also ideal for building coops, barns, etc. If you have the creativity, you can prepare the position of buildings at ease and organize them in any way you desire.


This farm might fit growing crops and raising animals, but it offers little to no challenge. The layout has no troublesome placement limitations, no monsters to bug you at night, and no other resources you can forage aside from weeds, trees, stones, and coals. The Standard Farm is the most convenient map to know inside and out.

BestFarm StandardWiki

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Playing on this map will allow you to design your farm however you like. Players who have at least tried the Standard Farm once would opt for another map type. If you want to enjoy the game until the end of the year without facing worrisome challenges aside from figuring out how to make money, this is the farm for you.

Riverland Farm

BestFarm Riverland

The Riverland Farm can provide you with an abundant supply of fish, given it is surrounded by mostly water. The map has 1,578 tiles to plant crops and 516 tiles limited to farm buildings and decorations.


You can get most fish from Pelican Town rivers and Cindersap Forest pond effortlessly from the comforts of your farm. Fishing aficionados would find Riverland Farm the best place to maximize their angling skill because of its accessibility.


This layout has constrained areas and awkward edges; sometimes, you can not put three Coops side by side and expect them to look symmetrical. There are many sections in the Riverland Farm intended only for fishing and nothing else.


BestFarm RiverlandWiki

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The Riverland Farm poses some challenges in organizing and decorating your farm, but it is a natural habitat for many types of fish. You can give this map a try if you want a more difficult playthrough with the added possibility of becoming a Master Angler in no time.

Forest Farm

BestFarm Forest

The Forest Farm in Stardew Valley has an unsurpassable number of bushes and trees encompassing the whole farm. You can also catch fish that you can find in Forest ponds. There are 1,413 tiles on this map to sow your crops and 930 tiles where plants do not grow.


This map spawns forage items depending on the season. Some bushes on the map grow berries, while some produce grapes. It is the perfect place for foragers who want to gather a hefty amount of resources. You will not run out of hardwood since large stumps regularly appear a few days after chopping them.


The Forest Farm has even less space than the Riverland Farm. Since ponds and grassy fields limit your tillage space, there are fewer spots to place farm buildings.


BestFarm ForestWiki

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While it lacks space for farming, The Forest Farm mends those issues by having an assortment of forage items you usually can only gather from the Forest or the Mountain. This map can also be suitable for beginners, considering the scope of the land is not that vast and overwhelming to work with. Nature lovers would also find this farm pleasing to the eye and relish every opportunity to decorate the place attuned to the theme of nature.

Hill-top Farm

BestFarm Hilltop

The Hill-top Farm has 1,648 ploughable tiles and 930 non-ploughable tiles. Its southeast part simulates The Quarry’s features, wherein plenty of geodes and nodes materialize after four days.


Unlike the other farm types, where you can only collect trees, forage items, fibers, stones, and fish, The Hill-Top farm has all of them, plus a mining site. The river that divides the farm can also be a section dedicated to crab pots or rice paddies.


The Hill-Top Farm is certainly not for beginners. This farm type may have easy access to the quarry, but the entrance will sometimes be blocked with boulders or hardwood stumps that require a high-quality ax and pickaxe to remove. Fishing will also not sustain you much, unlike in the Forest Farm or Riverland Farm, as most of the time, you will only reel in some trash instead of fish.


BestFarm HilltopWiki

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The difficulty lies in the inaccessibility of some areas and the lack of farmable land. You must rely on your skills and high-grade tools to get through this. You also have to be knowledgeable in making money aside from selling crops, and you will run out of space for farming later. Despite all that, the hilltop farm is the best place to hone your mining skills and is a sanctuary for valuable rocks.

The Wilderness Farm

BestFarm Wilderness

The Wilderness Farm has a large space dedicated to farming, with 2,131 tiles and rich, fertile soil. However, monsters often appear on this map at night.


These are for players who want to elevate the tension and excitement to their playthrough by adding monsters that can pull the rug out from under what was once their safe space. Occasionally, enemies drop items like mixed seeds that can be useful in your first year.


The downside to having a farm like a breeding ground for monsters at night is you will not get many of your tasks done after sundown. You will be too tired to deal with enemies and at risk of collapsing when you run out of energy and health.


BestFarm WildernessWiki

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The Wilderness Farm has a large enough space, almost as spacious as The Standard Farm, but it attracts nocturnal monsters that can sometimes keep you at bay. This farm is the best choice if you want to get a head start on improving your combat skills and completing some monster-slaying-related quests.

The Four Corners Farm

BestFarm FourCorners

The Four Corners Farm is designed for players who want to try the co-op mode. All over the map, 2952 tiles are tillable. Based on those numbers, the map seems enormous, but the four cliffs that divided the land have lessened the farming spaces.


Since it is called The Four Corners Farm, each corner has its habitat that generates different resources. The map offers all the perks you can attain from the other four farms. The top left has the Forest Farm’s bountiful forage items, the top right has the Standard Farm’s expansive tillable area, the bottom left corner has the Riverland Farm’s Forest pond fish, and the bottom right has the Hill-Top Farm’s quarry.


Aside from the inadequacy in space, it is quite challenging to say what else is disadvantageous in this type of farm. The Four Corners Farm provides you with many perks, and it can also be a great farm to start with, even for solo players.


BestFarm FourCornersWiki

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You and the other three players can have fun designating each other’s houses in each corner of the map. Considering the map has all the traits of the other four farms, dividing up tasks and fulfilling different goals with your friends can be achievable.

The Beach Farm

BestFarm Beach

The Beach Farm is known to be the most recommended map for advanced players. It has 2,700 tiles where you can plow your soil. Most of the land is sand, where items can be collected from Pelican Town Beach.


Undoubtedly, the Beach Farm is the most aesthetically soothing out of all the farms. Aside from easily harvesting corals, cockles, and mussels, you will sometimes be rewarded with supply crates for all your hard work. These crates contain random items which depend on how far you have progressed in the game.


The biggest drawback of choosing The Beach Farm is that you can not put any sprinklers in the sand since they will not function despite being tillable.


BestFarm BeachWiki2

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The Beach Farm has a calming landscape, spacious areas, and extra resources you can not acquire even in the Four Corners Farm. Sprinklers are extremely helpful for time management, but if you are a long-time player of Stardew Valley who has already experienced a lot of hardships in farming, you will find it gratifying to cope without the help of these items.

What was the first farm you ever played through? Which map is by far your favorite? Let us know by sharing your story in the comments section below.

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