How to Unlock Battie as a Companion in Hades


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In Supergiant Games’ Hades, Zagreus has access to Companions to help him escape the Underworld. Companions, or Legendary Keepsakes, are items Zagreus can equip to have a summon ability, unique to each Companion, to be used in Underworld escape attempts.

How to Unlock Battie as a Companion in Hades

Like the regular Keepsakes, Companions can be equipped from the display case just beside the Infernal Arms in the Courtyard. But, unlike the regular Keepsakes, Zagreus cannot change the equipped Companion in the display case after defeating the bosses of each area. Zagreus can, however, upgrade Companions with Ambrosia in the display case after the bosses of each area.

Companions can only be used once per chamber with combat and can only be used a certain number times per escape attempt, depending on the upgrade level. If a Companion is at the lowest level, it can only be used once, but if it is on the highest level, it can be used a total of five times. The maximum number of uses can be exceeded by purchasing Night Spindle from the Well of Charon.

Zagreus will have a total of six Companions. In this guide, you learn how to unlock the Companion Battie and how to use it.

Companion Battie

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To obtain Companion Battie, this is what Zagreus must do:

  1. Give 6 Nectar to Megaera to deepen your relationship.
  2. In the Codex, Megaera’s Affinity Gauge (the hearts right under their name) will show a heart with a keyhole. That means Zagreus must earn her favor. To do this, Zagreus must defeat the Furies, the first boss of every run, a number of times. Then, Megaera will appear in Zagreus’ room to tell him that she is only fighting and preventing him from escaping because she has to.
  3. After that interaction, give Megaera Ambrosia the next time you see her in the House of Hades.
  4. She will then give you Companion Battie, and you may continue giving her Ambrosia until you max out her Affinity Gauge!

Using Companion Battie in battle will summon Megaera to deal 2500 damage in an area near your closest enemy, then continually deal damage in a line in front of Zagreus. The damage dealt by Megaera will look the same as her Flame attack when fighting her as a boss fight.

It is important to mention there are instances when Companion Battie cannot be used: Companion Battie cannot be used on chambers without combat like Sisyphus’, Eurydice’s, or Patroclus’ chamber, cannot be used against any of the Furies (Megaera, Alecto, and Tisiphone), and cannot be used against Hades. Hades, however, will eventually allow you to use Companion Battie against him.

As mentioned above and like the other Companions, Companion Battie can only be used once per chamber with combat and can only be used several times per escape attempt, depending on the upgrade level. Upgrade Companion Battie with Ambrosia to increase the maximum number of uses. Purchasing Night Spindle from the Well of Charon will grant Zagreus +1 use of Companion Battie.

Final Thoughts

Even though it seems easy to obtain Companion Battie because of the to-do list mentioned above, the challenge lies in getting the Nectar to give to Megaera. The primary strategy for this would be to keep going on Underworld escape runs and prioritize Nectar. Then, after every run, check if Megaera is in the House of Hades and give her Nectar. Do this until you give her a total of six Nectar. Then, go on Underworld escape runs again, prioritizing the battle with the Furies and obtaining at least one Ambrosia. Wait for the cutscene in Zag’s room, then keep on making escape attempts until you find her in the House of Hades and give her Ambrosia, and just like that, she will give you Companion Battie!


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