Best And Fastest Ways To Find Diamonds in Minecraft (2024)


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Learn the best and fastest ways to find diamonds in Minecraft!

Best And Fastest Ways To Find Diamonds in Minecraft (2024)

Diamonds are one of the most precious gems in the game. Every Minecraft player loves diamonds. They make durable, solid armor, tools, and weapons. However, many players spend more time searching and mining for diamonds than they do acquiring them.

Although diamonds in Minecraft are considered rare and valuable items, luckily for us, there are multiple ways to obtain them. Diamonds come in ores, or as singular items in loot chests, so gamers have options when hunting down the precious gem.

Fastest Ways to Find Diamonds in Minecraft in 2024

1. Looting End Cities

Minecraft’s final frontier is the End dimension, where players must journey to face the Ender Dragon and ultimately beat the game. End cities are large castle-like structures found on the outer islands of the End dimension. End cities in Minecraft are filled with valuable and impressive loot for players.

Inside these structures made of end stone bricks and purpur blocks, players can find an entire assortment of different valuable goodies. Near end cities, players will often be able to find an accompanying end ship, which is where some of the very best loot items and treasure can be found.

Minecraft players have two different routes that they can take. The first is to kill the Ender Dragon to gain access to the end gateway, which will teleport players that traverse through it to the outer islands.

Otherwise, players can instead build a massive bridge that spans the abyss between the main island where the Ender Dragon is located and one of the outer islands.

Minecraft players have the potential to stuff their pockets with gold, diamonds, emeralds, enchanted armor, enchanted weapons, enchanted tools, beetroot seeds, saddles, horse armor, and so much more. Looting end cities is a great way for players to get their hands on diamond tools enchanted with Efficiency. Inside end cities and end ships,

Minecraft players will also encounter shulker. These hostile box-shaped mobs should be killed for their valuable shells, which can be used to make shulker boxes. Of all the loot that can be obtained in the End, Minecraft players should be sure to get their hands on at least one Elytra.

Gamers can find enchanted diamond items and skip the need for individual diamonds while searching an end city. These powerful wings allow players to fly, even in survival mode. However, end cities are somewhat tricky to get to.

They cannot be reached until the game is beaten. So, while end cities are not ideal for finding diamonds early on in-game, they are almost always guaranteed to provide the precious metal later on.

2. Looting Nether Fortresses

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The nether fortress is a structure that nearly every Minecraft player has explored at least once. While on a mission to collect blaze rods to beat the game, it may be worth stopping for the chests hidden within the nether fortress.

These structures have lots of loot chests, all of which have a chance of holding diamonds. The more chests within a fortress, the more likely a player will find a diamond.

Notably, bastion remnants are also great places to find diamonds in the nether. It is one of the largest structures in Minecraft and is usually full of many loot chests with amazing items. Inside a nether fortress is roughly a 19% chance of at least one diamond being generated in one of its hidden chests.

If players are lucky enough, there will possibly be even more than one, given the high probability and the many chests that spawn within the structure.

Sometimes, there are even multiple diamonds in one nether fortress’ chest. However, between bastion remnants and nether fortresses, bastions are less likely to hide diamonds than nether fortresses.

3. Looting Buried Treasure Chests


Once players find a buried treasure map in a shipwreck, they will want to follow it expeditiously if they are hunting for more diamonds. Buried treasure chests have the highest chance of containing a diamond out of all the loot chests.

There is roughly a 50% chance that a buried treasure will generate at least one diamond. Unfortunately, not even buried treasures will guarantee a diamond.

Shipwrecks often have two loot chests. However, they usually have other riches that may be useful, like iron or gold. When players spawn near a shipwreck, they quickly try to retrieve a treasure map and find the treasure chest to loot all the precious items.

Gamers can enter the vast ocean and stop at every shipwreck. There is usually a chance that one of them has incredible treasure, including diamonds. Because shipwrecks are so common, they make finding diamonds easier for players.

This method will guarantee at least one diamond along the way in looting. Finding these chests can sometimes be difficult. Players who have difficulty following the map will get into the shipwreck.

It can also be disappointing to go through the trouble of searching for a buried treasure only to find no diamonds within it. Despite this, out of all structures in Minecraft, the buried treasure has the highest probability of having diamonds.

4. Mining diamond ore with a fortune pickaxe

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Fortune is an excellent enchantment in Minecraft, with the ability to increase the drop chance and number of items. That said, many players in Minecraft use pickaxes with the Fortune enchantment to mine diamond ores.

After mining diamond ores with a regular pickaxe, players will mostly get one diamond per ore block. However, this number can be increased if they mine the ore with a fortune-enchanted pickaxe. This increases the number of diamonds dropped from mining a single block.

Hence, players can get many diamonds from a few more blocks alone. It also affects other ore blocks and works in all other blocks mined with a pickaxe.

5. Mine at Y level – 58

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The best level for Diamonds in mining is approximately anywhere below Y-58. The reason -59 is mentioned is that the player character stands two blocks tall, meaning the block level from the “waistline” and below would be Y-58.

The levels above Y-58 and Y-57 and the depths below until Y-61 also generate an abundance of Deepslate Diamond Ore. For maximum efficiency when hunting for Diamonds, it is recommended that players focus their efforts within these elevations.

Although it is hard and can take time to mine and find diamond ore blocks, it is one of the fastest methods. Alongside this trick, players can use the branch mining method and fortune pickaxes to increase their chances and amount of diamonds in the game.

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