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What are the best guns in Ready or Not?

Best Guns in Ready or Not

Ready or Not from VOID Interactive was released last December, and many people have been having fun with this alternative multiplayer online shooter.

In Ready or Not, players are put into specialized SWAT teams in the fictional city of Los Suenos, and they will be thrust into dangerous and hostile situations. As your team’s commander, you must find out the best way to handle all kinds of missions, from a terrorist threat to a school shooting.

Unlike many multiplayer shooters, which simply require you to take out the enemy team and fulfill the goal, Ready or Not is more realistic with its approach to these missions. Sometimes, going in guns blazing would lead to the most disastrous consequences, so it will be up to the player to assess the situation and find the best route to eliminate the most hostile while having the least number of casualties.

Besides figuring out the best way to approach a mission, Ready or Not also has an extensive customization option for players to pick out the optimum build for their characters, from the armor they wear to the weapons they can carry.

For this article, we’re taking a closer look at the types of guns and which can best fit your gameplay style in Ready or Not.

Types of Guns

When it comes to the Primary Weapon, players will have a chance to pick from 3 categories of guns which are assault rifles, submachine guns, and shotguns.

Though each has its benefits when it comes to playing the game, for the most efficient build, it’s suggested that you pick out an assault rifle as they are the class of gun that can pack the most power and have multiple options for customization. They are also incredibly versatile, allowing you to cause damage from a distance and in close quarters.

As for the Secondary Weapon, all weigh the same, so it’s best to pick out something that you think will play to your strengths better. If you don’t trust your aiming, picking out a pistol with the most ammo capacity could be helpful. If you think you’re a good shot, you should go for something with enough firepower and less recoil.

Best Guns in Ready or Not

Since the notion of ‘Best Gun’ depends on the player and their playstyle, this list will just break down which gun in specific classes will be ideal for beginners, starting with Ready or Not. From that point, they can try branching out to weapons that best suit their way of play.

Best Assault Rifle – MK16 – Also known as the Scar L, this is considered the best choice for beginners. It has a high rate of fire and limited recoil, which is what you would want with any gun.

The reload speed on this gun is also reliable, and you can do either a tactical reload or a fast reload; there is also an emergency reload when the gun runs out of ammo.

Gameplay still from VOID Interactive's Ready or Not

Best Assault Rifle (for Sniping) – SR-16 – While assault rifles are best known for their versatility on the battlefield, the SR-16 is effective for long shots—perfect for anyone looking to snipe enemies off the map.

The rifle is also said to have good recoil, so you shouldn’t worry too much if you have this equipped during a match.

Gameplay still from VOID Interactive's Ready or Not

Best Submachine Gun – MP5A2 – Submachine guns are known for their rate of fire but also have terrible recoil, so while you can fire a lot, you could have trouble aiming at enemies—especially ones that are pretty far away.

With the MP5A2, though, the gun is said to handle very well and has low recoil, making it a good starter gun. With a few rounds, you can slowly ease around the game for the guns you think best suit your playstyle.

Gameplay still from VOID Interactive's Ready or Not

Best Shotgun – M4 Super 90 – This is an automatic shotgun with a high rate of fire. It has a magazine size of 8 and can store up to 48 ammo. However, be careful with this gun because its automatic feature can make many players careless and suddenly find themselves stuck in a bind.

Gameplay still from VOID Interactive's Ready or Not

Best Pistol – 57 USG – With an ammo count of 80, this gun is considered to have the highest count when it comes to its class. The Pistol is also said to have very little recoil and is considered a solid pick for any beginner or veteran of the game.

“Here I Come.”

By the end, each player will have a different playstyle and preference regarding weapons, so it doesn’t matter which of the guns you pick in Ready or Not or what’s the “best”—as long as it works for you.

Some players are very specific about their builds and like to look at the stats of every weapon, but there is a reason why the game provides such a variety of choices for players so they can spend time mastering every piece of arsenal.

With Ready or Not just launching last December, there is certainly a lot of room for growth in VOID Interactive, and we could see all kinds of weapons added to the game in the future.

If anything, picking out a gun isn’t where the building stops; players must customize their entire load-outs to compensate for lost speed or limited defense. So it’s best just to keep fiddling around the customization menu and figuring out your playstyle little by little.

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