The Best Minecraft Biomes For Survival



In Minecraft, there are a lot of biomes for players to explore and discover. Let’s look at some of the best biomes for players in survival mode.

The Best Minecraft Biomes For Survival

In almost every update, Minecraft’s developers—Mojang—keep creating and adding new content to the game to make it a more intriguing and immersive world to explore. With over 67 existing biomes, Minecraft ensures players an exciting and thrilling adventure with each new biome discovery. But from the blistering heat of the desert to the cold, snowy mountain top, there will always be some cons that come along with it. However, some biomes almost feel too good to be true: ideal terrain, great weather, and tons of resources. These biomes may be the ideal places to set up camp for rookie and veteran players. Let’s weigh the options and run through the best biomes in Minecraft for survival.

Mushroom Fields

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The mushroom fields are a rare lush biome that is usually generated as a single island surrounded by the ocean. No mobs other than mooshrooms can spawn in this biome, including hostile mobs such as zombies and skeletons. This also means that it is relatively safe here, even during nighttime.

Mushrooms are also a great food source for players as they can be easily bred using wheat, like regular cows. The downside is the fact that mycelium blocks replace the grass blocks. Mycelium prevents the growth of trees and other vegetation and tends to spread to dirt blocks, making it harder for the player to plant.


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The savanna is a dry biome that is relatively flat and is usually bordered by a desert or plains biome. This biome is known for the acacia trees that are scattered around it. Another unique feature is the grass’s dull-brown color, which gives this biome a warm ambiance.

Survival in savanna biomes is generally much easier than in other biomes. The position of the trees isn’t dense compared to biomes such as the forest and taiga, making it a great place for building bases and other structures. Horses and llamas are common in this biome. Players may use them for easier shipment of items and quicker transportation.


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The taiga biome is mostly flat and covered in spruce trees, making it easier for players to farm for wood here. As it is a forested biome, building bases may become tricky due to the dense structure of spruce trees. Sweet berry bushes are often scattered around these parts. Players may use this to their advantage and place the bushes strategically, as berry bushes can damage hostile mobs when passed through, and they also make great food sources.

Wolves are also a common mob here, and players may easily tame them early into the game. Villages also tend to generate in this biome, making it easier for players to trade whenever needed. Overall, the taiga biome is a good place to set up your base for survival.


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The forest biome is one of the most common biomes in Minecraft—slightly more common than the plains. This biome is predominantly covered in trees such as birch and oak. This is also one of the two biomes—the other being taiga—where wolves may spawn, so this is an ideal place to tame one. The forest biome is one of the most preferred biomes for survival as it is abundant in wood, grass, flowers, water, and passive mobs. Other than the usual hostile mobs that spawn at night, this biome does not pose a great threat to players.


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The Plains is one of the best Minecraft biomes for survival. It is a flat biome covered mostly in grass and a few oak trees. Villages, lakes, and cave openings are pretty common in this biome. Due to its flat terrain, players may easily spot things such as mobs and trees from a distance and easily build bases without any hindrance. The plains spawn common passive mobs such as pigs, cows, sheep, and horses, making this biome perfect for animal breeding and farming.

While the plains may not have that many trees to work with, players can still collect enough wood in biomes that generate next to it or plant tree saplings to make things easier. The Plains biome is a great place for players, especially for beginners in Minecraft.

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