Best Places to Find Dreamstone in Paleo Pines



Here are all the best places you can find Dreamstone in Paleo Pines!

Best Places to Find Dreamstone in Paleo Pines

In Paleo Pines, various resources used for different purposes are at the player’s disposal. With each resource or material used, it grants you a corresponding benefit. And one of them is a resource in Paleo Pines called Dreamstone.

Dreamstones are rare pink crystals found across the different Paleo Pines biomes. These stones are incredibly important as they are necessary to keep your tamed dinosaurs inside your Pen. Befriending dinosaurs is part of what makes the game Paleo Pines appealing. Not only will dinosaurs move into your ranch after befriending them, but they will also help you with other tasks, such as farming. However, to keep them comfortable, you are going to need Dreamstones.

If you want to know how to get some Dreamstone in the game, read on to find the best Paleo Pines locations. This short guide will teach you all the places to find small and large Dreamstones in the vast world of Paleo Pines.

Best Places to Find Dreamstone in Paleo Pines

How Dreamstones Work

Dreamstones are a core part of your gameplay in Paleo Pines. You will need one Dreamstone for each dinosaur you will befriend and live on your Ranch. The size of the dreamstone will depend on the size of the dinosaur—the bigger ones will need a Large Dreamstone, and smaller dinosaurs will need a Small Dreamstone.

To use the Dreamstone, simply place the one on the ground inside a Pen. This will automatically fulfill the requirement of the Pen. Aside from this, you can even use the Dreamstones to change the biome of the Pen. In this manner, the dinosaurs will stay contented and happy.

A screenshot of Youtuber "Lopho Lee Ch." interacting with dinosaurs next to a Dreamstone in Paleo Pines.
Source: Lopho Lee Ch. / Youtube

Keeping dinosaurs happy is necessary to keep them on your ranch for a long time. A green gauge will appear when a dinosaur is placed inside a pen with a Dreamstone in it. Keeping them happy will slowly accumulate points until dinosaurs become helpers on your farm.

However, keeping them unhappy overnight will decrease these points until they downgrade from a helper to a friend. And if they downgrade even more, they will leave your farm. But don’t worry, you can still get them back if you talk to Mary. She will help you track down your lost dinosaurs, and you can quickly get them back.

So, the best way to make them stay in your ranch is by keeping them happy. And one of the quickest ways to go about it is by using a Dreamstone in each of their Pens.

Where to Find Dreamstone

Dreamstones are rare resources that are scattered across all of Paleo Pines. At the beginning of the game, you will find a Dreamstone inside the pen where Lucky sleeps. This part teaches players that every dinosaur must have its own Dreamstone to keep it comfortable inside the pen, or else it will become unhappy with you.

Paleo Pines has two kinds of Dreamstones: Large Dreamstone and Small Dreamstone. The kind of Dreamstone you will use will depend on the size of your dinosaur. So, if you plan to keep as many dinosaurs as possible, you will need both types of Dreamstone. Paleo Pines has three biomes—all of which have Dreamstones in them:

1. Veridian Valley

A screenshot of Youtuber "MyrabelsPlays" locating a Dreamstone at Veridian Valley in Paleo Pines.
Source: MyrabelsPlays / Youtube

Veridian Valley contains 6 Large Dreamstones and 5 Small Dreamstones. As it is the first biome in the game, you can easily access most of the Dreamstones in Veridian Valley. You can even find one right in front of your ranch. The following are all the places you can find Dreamstone in Veridian Valley:

  • Next to the stone bridge near your ranch.
  • Behind the three boulders near the river on the left side of your ranch.
  • Behind the bushes, next to the lake on the northern side of Pebble Plaza.
  • Boulders block a Dreamstone at the entrance to Dapplewood.
  • Blocked by boulders near the river, north of Owynn’s House.
  • On the pathway north of the Windmill.
  • A Dreamstone can be found near the area with a lot of Gallimimus.
  • On the left side, next to Mari’s House.
  • On the right side, next to the hanging bridge near Mari’s House.
  • Hidden behind a log near Mari’s House.
  • Blocked by boulders near the path to Ariacotta Canyon.
  • Blocked by boulders near the river on the eastern side of Owynn’s House.
  • To the left of the Windmill.

2. Dapplewood

A screenshot of Youtuber "Finaq" on a path blocked by boulders to Dapplewood in Paleo Pines.
Source: Finaq / Youtube

Dapplewood has 5 Large Dreamstones and 2 Small Dreamstones. Obstacles block a lot of the Dreamstones in Dapplewood. If you plan to collect as many Dreamstones as possible in a single trip, bringing Smasher, Stomper, and Slasher Dinosaurs with you is best.

This will help clear most of the obstacles you will encounter with ease. The following are all the places you can find Dreamstone in Dapplewood:

  • A Large Dreamstone can be found northwest of Marlo’s House.
  • Another can be found northeast of Marlo’s House.
  • From Marlo’s House, travel north until you reach the shore. A few Dreamstones can be found next to the trees.
  • From Marlo’s House, travel east until you reach the river bank.
  • In the woods, south of Agami’s house.
  • From the windmill, just up north, you will find Dreamstones.

3. Ariacotta Canyon

A screenshot of Youtuber "Jynn" locating a Dreamstone at Ariacotta Canyon in Paleo Pines.
Source: Jynn / Youtube

Ariacotta Canyon has 3 Large Dreamstones and 2 Small Dreamstones. Being a desert biome, Ariacotta Canyon looks pretty barren. However, you can find a lot of Dreamstones in this biome. The following are all the places you can find Dreamstone in Ariacotta Canyon:

  • North of the Ariacotta Canyon entrance.
  • From the northern entrance, travel east until you find Dreamstones.
  • Some can be found near Freya’s Shop.
  • A few Dreamstones are located near the southeastern path of Freya’s Shop.
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