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One stands out from all the Legion Arms in Lies of P. With each having pros and cons, read on to determine which Legion Arm is the best in the game.

Best Legion Arm Build in Lies of P

Aside from your main weapon, you are also equipped with a mechanical arm attachment called the Legion Arm, wherein the arm acts as an off-hand weapon for the players. Legion Arms play a crucial role in the combat system of Lies of P.

Having a lot of Legion Arms to choose from gives players the freedom to choose different strategies and playstyles. Each one has its special ability and upgrades that, when unlocked, make them more effective and powerful. Although each Legion Arm is unique and strong, some are more versatile in certain situations and scenarios.

Since Lies of P is soul-like, it focuses more on the combat aspect of the game rather than the storyline and exploration. Therefore, you must choose the Legion Arm to fit your playstyle damage and complete all challenges.

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The Best Legion Arms in Lies of P

#8 – Left Arm of Steel

A screenshot of Youtuber "AtomicAziz" using the Left Arm of Steel Legion Arm in Lies of P.
Source: AtomicAziz / Youtube

At the start of the game, the player is equipped with the most basic Legion Arm, the Left Arm of Steel. As it is the default Legion Arm in Lies of P, it doesn’t have any pros to using it aside from being a temporary weapon during the early phase of the game.

Since obtaining more weapons will take some time, the Left Arm of Steel will still make a decent Legion Arm until you can switch to a better option. However, even though the arm does a good amount of damage at the start of the game, it isn’t advised to use the Left Arm of Steel for too long.

#7 – Deus Ex Machina

A screenshot of Youtuber "Sykioh" using the Deus Ex Machina Legion Arm in Lies of P.
Source: Sykioh / Youtube

The Deus Ex Machina does a lot of AOE damage as its core mechanic is to plant landmines and trigger a small explosion when enemies get near. When upgraded, the Deus Ex Machina’s blast damage and radius and the number of landmines are increased.

This Legion Arm is useful for situations where you are taking the aggro of multiple enemies at once. You can use the Deus Ex Machina to plant landmines on your path and lure the enemies toward them. Although this is an easy way to farm Ergo in the game, it isn’t good for single combat.

#6 – Pandemonium

A screenshot from the Youtube Video of GameSpot that showcases the usage of Pandemonium in Lies of P.
Source: GameSpot / Youtube

When used, the Pandemonium sprays acid in front of the player in an arc-like manner. Like the Deus Ex Machina, the Pandemonium is designed to simultaneously deal AOE damage to multiple enemies.

The acid will deal damage per second to enemies who step on it, making this great for killing groups of enemies quickly. When upgraded, this Legion Arm can spray the acid in a straight line and make it explode.

As one of the first unlockable Legion Arms in the game, the Pandemonium is a decent pick for beginners. Although, like the Deus Ex Machina, this Legion Arm isn’t great for fighting bosses, it is great for clearing mobs. You can spam its skill to cover a large area with acid, allowing you to easily dispatch any enemies nearby.

#5 – Aegis

A screenshot from the Youtube Video of Axiom that showcases the usage of Aegis in Lies of P.
Source: Axiom / Youtube

In essence, the Aegis provides the player with a shield that they can use to parry and damage enemies that hit it. This will allow you to have two kinds of parries: One from your main weapon and another from the Aegis. Although this Legion Arm is weak at first, when upgraded, it makes a decent shield that will block any attack while dishing out damage simultaneously.

#4 – Puppet String

A screenshot from Youtuber "Sykioh" showcasing the usage of the Puppet String Legion Arm in Lies of P.
Source: Sykioh / Youtube

The Puppet String acts like a grappling hook in real life with a slight difference: you zip small enemies toward you while you zip yourself toward larger ones. When upgraded, you can also zip yourself toward smaller enemies. You can also use the Puppet String to dodge attacks mid-air as long as it is upgraded.

This Legion Arm can be used reliably against bosses as the dodge mechanic will help prevent you from taking any unnecessary damage during the fight. If you’re unsure about using the other Legion Arms, the Puppet String makes a pretty solid investment option.

#3 – Fulminis

A screenshot from Youtuber "Sykioh" showcasing the usage of the Fulminis Legion Arm in Lies of P.
Source: Sykioh / Youtube

The Fulminis is designed to electrocute any enemies in front of you. When upgraded, you can move around while using this Legion Arm and during its charging process. You will also deal more damage to enemies, and you can even damage them while you are charging. This Legion Arm is best used against Puppet-type enemies due to their weakness in electricity and is a must-have for players running an electricity build.

#2 – Flamberge

A screenshot from Youtuber "Hazmy" showcasing the usage of the Flamberge Legion Arm in Lies of P.
Source: Hazmy / Youtube

Essentially, the Flamberge acts like a flamethrower attached to your arm and spits fire directly in front of you. It can fire farther and cause explosions after some time once it is upgraded. This Legion Arm is effective against human-type enemies but is versatile enough to be used on most enemies in the game. Although the flamberge may seem underwhelming at first glance, the damage will get stronger and better once you upgrade it.

#1 – Falcon Eyes

A screenshot from the Youtube Video of DualShockers that showcases the usage of Falcon Eyes in Lies of P.
Source: DualShockers / Youtube

The Falcon Eyes is a Legion Arm that shoots exploding bullets from your mechanical arm. Like a cannon, the Falcon Eyes can damage enemies from a distance and is renewable. This Legion Arm takes the number one spot due to its versatility in boss fights and regular combat.

When upgraded, the Falcon Eyes will shoot more bullets and deal more damage, making it easier to clear mobs and chunk down the health bar of bosses in the game. If you want a reliable Legion Arm that deals massive damage from a safe distance to any type of enemy, the Falcon Eyes is your best option.

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